What should a modern urban backpack look like?

The large selection of backpacks makes it easy to get confused by the variety and pass by a truly quality product. The specifics of the choice depend on the accents, which each customer determines for himself. To make the right decision, it is necessary to immediately highlight the products of the Swedish brand Thule, which is manufactured according to current European standards of quality.

What features should modern urban backpacks have?

Capacity. It is not a question of a dimensional version, but it is roomy, because, for example, Thule Accent Backpack 20L, allows you to arrange not only the laptop 14 inches, but also additional things that are enough even for a trip lasting several days.

Durability. It is important that the backpack not only withstands heavy loads, but also does not succumb to the negative influence of external factors, because such a bag can try to cut;

Versatility. This characteristic is determined by a large number of hidden pockets and compartments, which can accommodate many useful little things;

Aesthetics. The design is also important, because the accessory must favorably complement the image and have a positive effect on self-confidence.

Thule Accent Backpack 20L is a worthy solution

The mentioned model was mentioned for a reason, because the product is considered one of the best in its field. It’s all about the presence of:

A special panel that allows you to securely attach the backpack to the suitcase and go on a trip in comfort;

A SafeZone compartment and a hidden pocket behind the solid frame to protect your valuables;

a front pocket suitable for small accessories. The advantageous layout allows for quick access;

high-quality hardware that doesn’t wear out over time or disintegrate due to moisture or temperature fluctuations

comfortable mesh shoulder straps so your shoulders don’t get sweaty even with Thule Accent Backpack 20L in the summertime;

A chest strap for not only comfort, but also for holding the backpack in place.

Particular attention should be paid to the design of internal pockets, which are not so easy to fumble and open by outsiders. Despite its relatively compact size (28 x 24 x 44 cm), the backpack is roomy, and the weight of 0.93 kg allows you to wear it without discomfort.

The main feature of the Thule Accent Backpack 20L is the use of proprietary polyester, which density reaches 1680 denier. It is virtually impossible to damage such material with a knife. Moreover, the high strength of the fabric protects the contents from moderate rain, so placed a laptop or other things will not get wet.

Black is considered the most practical color, so it is the key in the model. Such backpack can be safely taken on trips as hand luggage, because its small size meets even the most stringent restrictions.