What should you try in your life at least once?

Build a house, plant a tree and raise a son. And what else? Life is much shorter than you think. What else should we do in this world before the forces leave you? What should one try in life for once so that one doesn’t regret it? Life is very short, but we only understand it when we are many years old. “And I used to think: life is about to begin, now it’s going to be the most interesting… and just recently I realized: it’s already going… 15 years old. Moreover, in 15 years it will be over… Stop! And I have to do something else… to be in time, to try something else… Aah! And she once – and that’s it… No, not that I’ll die, but just the most important thing will pass… and I’ll only remember it.” What else do men talk about?

What should I try for once in my life?

1. Try a hobby you’re not into or even considering.

2. Change someone’s life for the better.

3. Spend time with people who are fundamentally different from you.

4. Look at the stars and realize you’re a pearl in this world.

5. Do something good for this world. Leave a legacy behind.

6. Go camping with company and tents.

7. Write your story, book or article.

8. Write a compliment to someone.

9. Study the musical instrument you’re interested in.

10. Leave the town where you grew up. The world is endless.

11. Be a little volunteer.

12. Watch a movie or a show alone.

13. Explore new places. You never know what you might find on the next street.

14. Spend some time without the Internet, television and gadgets.

15. Get a tattoo.

16. Try telling people the truth sometimes, what you think of them.

17. Ask the girl you like out on a date.

18. Praise yourself and notice how good you are.

19. Look at the world from another person’s perspective.

20. Change your image or life radically.

21. Read books. It’s a whole world.

22. Get a pet.

23. Be grateful for the little things you have in life. Try it.

24. Go on a night out with someone you like.

25. Quit your unloved job and find someone you like.

26. Learn martial arts. It’ll come in handy for sure.

27. Grow a hair or a beard.

28. Race the car at high speed.

29. Spend time alone and enjoy it.

30. Learn to surf or other extreme sports.

31. Learn a skill that will come in handy after the apocalypse: blacksmithing, woodworking or animal husbandry.

32. Find new friends.

33. Learn your inner world.

34. Enjoy your life every day.

35. Jump off an airplane and experience the tension of the parachute slings.

36. Take a day off for no reason and do what you want.

37. Speak to a large audience.

38. Learn a foreign language and try to think in it.

39. Become a professional in your business.

40. Tan on a nudist beach or fight your other fear.

41. Take part in a marathon or a triathlon.

42. Challenge your bad habits.

43. Perform the madness you’ve long wanted.

44. Take part in a good fight and come out victorious.

45. Meet a girl at dawn, sunset or starfall.

46. Pump yourself a beautiful sports body with press cubes.

47. Keep up with your knowledge and education.

48. Make your dreams come true.

49. Fall in love.

50. Travel. These are the best tips to help bring paint into this life. Enjoy it every day…