What the length of your fingers says about you. Here’s what the length of your fingers says about your character. The meaning of the palm of your hand

Do you know what the length of your fingers means? More than 200,000 volunteers took part in this test and this is what they found out. Look carefully at the fingers on your right hand and then compare the lengths of the two fingers: the index finger and the pinky finger.

Option A

Your index finger is shorter than your ring finger.

You are very attractive, socially pleasant and cheerful person.

Unlike others, you are more decisive, often willing to take risks, but you easily cope with challenges.

The only positive quality that possibly distinguishes you is your readiness to empathize, even to have sincere compassion for your interlocutor.

Such people could make excellent scientists, engineers, as well as experts in solving the most difficult crossword puzzles.

Option C

Your index finger is slightly longer than your pinky finger.

This means that you are a confident person who likes to enjoy yourself. But you can’t stand it when someone bothers you about your business.

Such people are said to be camo-catastrophic. Probably on that basis, such personalities will not go along, whether it is a new, even lucrative business or a cemeaning relationship.

However, they will accept any attention or praise favorably.

Option C

Your thumb and forefinger are of equal length.

A person with such fingers is immensely good-natured, amorous, does not tolerate conflicts, and is also very organized in life, able to get along with others.

Such people are distinguished by their loyalty, whether in relations with their partner or in the work of the company. But not everything is smooth, be careful, because kak in them burns a tiny flame, which should not be brought to a strong fire. It is better to be on their side.

At the first meeting with the person is difficult to understand who is in front of you, because most people over the years of life used to hide their flaws and vices from others. But how do you spot a potential psychopath or other unpleasant person before the negative traits come out in a powerful, angry way?

Length can help you recognize a person’s hidden qualities. The importance of this dimension is often underestimated or simply ignored. This is due to countless chemists and other anti-scientists who propagate their suspicious teachings.

But the notion that the hands can tell nothing about a person’s inner being is a big mistake. Psychology says that hands can characterize the internal shape of the owner quite well, you only need to know what to pay attention to.

Behavior of the hand

The first thing worth paying attention to is the movements of the person you are talking to. If he hides his hands behind his back, or tries to hide them in some other way, this person is clearly insecure or he is gnawing at you.

Tightly folded hands indicate that the conversation is unpleasant for the interlocutor or that he or she does not want to share with you personal feelings or tell you anything about himself or herself.

If the person does not know where to put his hands, constantly going through them any kind of items, stiffening the joints or just nervously twitching them, then there is a problem with nervousness, or your interlocutor is trying to hide some strong emotions. If the person actively gesticulates during a conversation, it is a sure sign of his affinity, lively interest to the matter at hand.

A handshake

Not only length of fingers can give information about the interlocutor, but a handshake is also very important. In fact, if the handshake is sluggish and weak, you are probably dealing with a weak, spoiled person. A strong handshake is by no means a sign of a strong and confident person, but an adaptation of these qualities to hide weakness and insecurity.

Some people know a sharp, careless handshake, made as if by accident. This is the usual sign of an indifferent businessman for whom a handshake is of no importance, because he is in a hurry to do important things.

The palm of the hand

The shape of the palm can tell a lot about a person. Certainly, the length of the fingers on the hands, which is very important, attracts the main attention. But we must not forget that the fingers grow out of the palm.

The overall shape of the palm can reveal the most striking features of character.

A wide, rustic palm with fingers of irregular shape often belongs to a person with a new level of intellect and peculiar intepecamy.

Such people are slow-moving, eager, and mostly interested in pythmical activities. On the contrary, an elongated, graceful palm with a long palm and long, thinned fingers reveals a sensual, artistic nature. Usually the owners of these hands are talented or have an artistic flair.

The name of the person is also called philocoeckic and has long fingers but not a very long palm and can be distinguished by its angularity and naturalness of the hand.

A person with such a palm is prone to gloomy glances and draws on the world through tranquility and rationality. Such hands often belong to writers, musicians, philosophers, and mucilitarians.

The square hand shape is often found in the hands of reliable realists. A person with a square hand is persistent in work, assiduous and brave. Although his imagination is poorly developed, but he is a reliable and loyal friend and companion. Another type, similar to the previous, shovel-shaped palm. This type also has many similarities with the Kidnapping cohort, he is strong, energetic and reliable.

What the length of the fingers tells us

The length of the fingers is one of the most important criteria for drawing a psychological portrait of the interlocutor. Psychology has long been concerned with this issue, collected a lot of experimental data on this topic. Studies have shown that there are significant differences between people with long fingers and their copedicists. The differences between these types can be so significant that one cannot even believe it. Below will be listed the main features associated with the length of the fingers pyk.

Long fingers

When thinking about what the length of the fingers tells us about the length of the fingers of a person, everyone will take the ideas from their own lives. So everyone has the opportunity to compare common theses in psychology with his or her own personal experience.

Usually, long fingers are endowed with people with a very lively personality, but with some disadvantages. They can be talented and talented individuals, but with a rather weak personality. A person with long fingers can be overly attentive to things, even if they have no practical importance.

Such people are also distinguished by reasonableness and balanced decisions. They are better to be thoughtful than to succumb to their innermost convictions. Sometimes unnaturally long fingers are found. The significance of this prominent characteristic can be quite negative – such hands often belong to a bureaucratic businessman, willing to step over anyone for profit.

Short fingers

People with short fingers are impetuous and energetic. Communicating with them is easy and pleasant. Kind and open-minded people often have short length fingers. The meaning of this type of palm can also be interpreted as a person’s tendency to be noble and inexplicable. However, too short fingers are most often found on the hands of short-sighted, stupid people. But do not rush to write off as fools everyone whose fingers seemed to you kopotkimi, because it is only general observations, which sometimes may be the opposite of objective reality.

What the length of a man’s fingers tells us

The length of a man’s fingers can tell you how much testosterone influenced him during his prenatal development. Certain behavioral features can be revealed by comparing the lengths of some of the fingers to each other. The smaller the difference between the length of the middle finger and the index finger, the easier it is to build a relationship with a woman. A greater difference between these fingers indicates strong testosterone exposure, which makes the subject rougher and more camocchi. If the amount of testosterone exposed was low, however, the woman will become a shifty, clean-cut pantywaist. With such a man, there will be more gaumony and peace of mind, because he is more easily compelled and aggressive.

The difference between a blunt finger and a little finger can tell you about a man’s fidelity. The greater the difference, the greater the likelihood of being out, which is also the fault of testosterone. The higher the amount of testosterone a man is exposed to during his development, the greater his sexual promiscuity and the greater his tendency to cheat. This does not mean, however, that such men are lusting after each other, because man is not a robot who loves my husband and can easily withstand the power of insidious genes.

What does the length of the fingers tell women

The results of the study on the length of women’s fingers do not differ too much from my men’s fingers. So, for example, if a woman has a long, bubbly finger, it indicates a large number of sexual partners, but not always.

Scientists have also found that women with equal length fingers on their finger are more likely to have a strong, stable family and have many children. And women with long, sloppy fingers, in addition to being prone to abuse, are more likely to fall in love with non-traditional sexual relationships. And here, as with my men, testosterone is the culprit, which has a dampening effect on the mind.

Finger length at a young age

Many parents are interested in what the length of their child’s fingers says. They want to find out at an early age what their child’s inclinations are, so they can give them the best possible conditions for development. At this point, scientists have established that finger length and ratio can only tell you about the effects of testosterone on the fetus during pregnancy. This, of course, will put a corresponding imprint on the character of a young man, regardless of gender.

Of course, you should not give up on your child just because the length of his fingers does not suit you, because besides the genes, many other factors, such as education, first sexual experience and so on, influence the formation of the character. The length of a child’s fingers signals the same thing as the length of an adult’s fingers.

Ornaments on the hands

This is not only the physiological characteristics of the palm, but also the jewelry that the subject wears on his fingers. Each finger is responsible for a different character trait, so the tendency to adorn certain fingers can provide some information to the subject. Of course, this kind of information only gives you the information that you can take it into account, but you should not completely trust such information. We have already learned what the length of the fingers on women’s hands indicates. But what does jewelry tell us?

Probably indicates a person’s desire to increase the importance of his “self”. The thumb is not easy to distinguish, that is why the desire must be very subtle. A brightly adorned thumb can give away an egoist who adores his own person and wishes to receive more attention and recognition from others.

Heavy ornamentation on the index finger characterizes its owner as a domineering and severe person.

It is not for nothing that the great rulers liked to wear beautiful rings on their index fingers, so they tried to emphasize their power and increase the importance of their personality.

The middle finger is an indicator of status in society. Those who like to decorate it try to increase their social status, to gain more influence in society. This is where the offensive gesture of showing the middle finger came from. This is a way of saying that one’s position is higher and that the person who is supposed to make this gesture is much lower on the social ladder. Massive bright ones accentuate and enhance the social status of their owner.

It is not without reason that it is used to wear wedding rings. It simvoliziruyutsya sensual component of human nature. Jewelry on the pinky finger reflects feelings and emotions, tell about a person’s inner world.

The little finger is usually decorated with a rather unusual personality. It is a gesture designed to emphasize the uniqueness, particularity. Many celebrities adorned this finger to show their dissimilarity to others However, adorning a pinky finger can only mean the desire to stand out, not the actual situation.

Finger length pyk, meaning. Psychology

In conclusion, although psychology deals with the relationship between the palm of the hand and character, this field has not yet been well studied. So far, there are no accurate, citematized data on this topic, despite the large number of experiments that have been conducted. Therefore, do not get upset if the palm of your hand tells you something bad about you or your loved ones. The length of your fingers is not that important. The value that the chemists and some psychologists give to this indicator should not confuse you. It is much better to get to know the person better in order to form an opinion about him, and not run away from him in terror only because you have seen his disreputable character traits from his fingertips.

If you need to quickly determine the character of a malignant person, look at his hands. Note the shape of his hands, how long his fingers are, whether his movements are free or constrained. You can easily find out who is in front of you if you have even a little knowledge of chirology, a science that explores the relationship between the structure of a person’s hand and his or her chakram.

For the first time, the theory of classifying different types of hands according to their mophilogical features was created 400 years before our era by the Greek philologist Anakkagopom. He was the first to discover that people’s abilities are determined by the shape of their hands.

For more than 2,000 years, his scientific work has been studied and improved. However, the pioneer of the coeval chirology is the French officer Casimip D. Arpentigny, who devoted many years to studying the human hand and created a cycle of knowledge that explained the relationship between the palm and the human hand.

Our hands are the same sense organ as our eyes or ears, they are the organ of touch. The skin of the palms is abundantly equipped with nerve endings – peutopods, which transmit signals to the brain structures. Signals are transmitted in both directions, so the palm and its skin pattern are directly related to the work of the brain. The brain brain brain brain brainatically registers all the changes in our lifestyle, emotional and physical status, and career preferences, and transmits this information to the pics.

Understanding this concept, knowing the special signs of the hand, reading and interpreting them, allows the chirologist to reliably determine the potential and prospects of any particular person.

Each of us has strong and weak fingers. Strong fingers are long and slender. Their length is determined in relation to the palm of the hand. In nopme, the length of the middle finger is a fraction of the length of the palm. If the finger is in line with the palm, it is considered long. The length of the fingers of the hand tells about your character and the degree of expression of the qualities that it corresponds to:

A strong thumb on a heavy hand indicates success and high skill.

A strong index finger is a sign of a strong disposition, power, strength of character and perspicacity.

The long middle one is a sign of responsibility, a sense of duty, confidence and mydpocacy.

A bazyman indicates a high degree of mactepcuvannya and a strong sense of camo vindication.

A long pinky reflects good kommynitivnye skills and ppepeppiimchivocity.

A weak finger is usually said to be short or small, defective by disease or injury, restricted in movement or bent over to the middle finger. Short fingers are longer than the palm length.

A test to determine your personality type can help you determine the amount of space between your fingers. You should relax your hands and place them on a flat surface, taking note of how far apart your fingers are in relation to each other.

If they are spread wide apart, it is probably a question of innocence, inner freedom, openness, love for the ekcopeminants. Fingers densely comknitted, the person is extremely cautious, distrustful and suspicious and prefers to act alone.

The index finger leaning toward the middle finger or leaning toward it promises gaining authority and making dreams come true.

A truncated finger leaning towards the middle indicates a person who obeys co-citizenship and follows rules and intuitions. People with this sign often tie their lives to the world.

A wide space between the thumb and forefinger indicates an unreliable person who avoids serious decisions, both in work and home relations. If the gap is middle-aged, this is a person with a foreseeable wit and an adventurer at heart.

The definition of a thumb

Long-fingered people are calm and balanced people who are very concerned with their career. They take a long time before they make a decision or take a position, so they are always on the lookout for contacts with the people around them. And they need more facts and details. They tend to pour out the situation, but are not in a hurry to act and make decisions.

Thumbs up and down are not subject to prejudice and do not conform to society’s usual rules. They are ready to communicate and are tolerant of others’ opinions, but they are at the same time very open-minded and do not allow themselves to be manipulated by anyone.

It is traditionally believed that long fingers on the hands of girls is a sign of refinement and apicottottism, but this is not always true. Long and pale, thin and pointed fingers on a narrow palm signify callousness, egoism, and a limited range of interests.

Owners of short fingers have excellent abilities. They are efficient, action-oriented and don’t need advice, preferring to rely on their intuition. They often make mistakes because they don’t look at their options beforehand.

Short and open fingers belong to people who choose freedom and their own way in life. If the palm is closed and the fingers are comfy, it is a sign that the person does not feel safe and is not in tune with new ways. Stiff, unbending hands show that the individual resists any change of state of mind. It’s as if he’s saying to them: “I don’t need your help! Don’t bother me!”

Relationship between the shape and the character

The phopma of the fingers is another criterion that determines character traits depending on the severity of the joints, the paws, and the condition of the individual phalanges. It is believed that the upper (nail) phalanges correspond to the level of spiritual development, the middle phalanges are responsible for the quality of yuma, and the lower phalanges judge a person’s practical skills. If the phalanx is small and undeveloped, then the person’s abilities in this area are limited. Conversely, if the first phalanx is long, the person has ideas. A well pronounced second phalanx indicates a pioneer personality, and the third phalanx will indicate a practitioner, a mactherapist in his or her field.

The finger joints are conventionally divided into smooth and knotty according to their degree of expression. The pronounced upper nail joints are called phyllocochecking, they are characteristic of people who have a linguistic mentality. Marked knots on the middle metatarsal phalanx indicate pragmatism and love of order. The presence of philosophical and mathematical knots can mean talent in mathematics and other exact sciences.

Knotted hands belong to people who are capable of analyzing events and actions, to improve their knowledge, to follow innovations in science, politics and technical progress. Smooth fingers, devoid of the zymatic joints, are found on the hands of people determined and responsive, but superficial and light-hearted.

From a chirologist’s point of view, you can learn much more from the fingertips than you might think at first sight:

What the finger index will tell you

The index finger has a special meaning in the reading of the palm. Sometimes it is called the “Golden Finger” because it describes a person’s camououflage. A long index finger shows a natural leader, accustomed to responsibility and oriented towards high standards. The short index finger is present on the hands of people with an inferiority complex, hiding under the mask of a strong personality. In fact, they are unsure of themselves, and it is difficult for them to express their true thoughts and feelings.

A comparison of the length of the index finger and the boozy finger brings an additional touch to the characterization of personality. This ratio is called the finger index and is designated as 2D: 4D , where 2D refers to the second finger, and 4D corresponds to the fourth finger:

2D: 4D > 1 People with a thumb longer than the bicuspid one are self-confident. They are authoritative but cautious, prone to camoaanalysis, they succeed in their profession, though they prefer to work alone. They like being the center of attention and listening to compliments. They appreciate what they have, but always crave for more.

2D: 4D < 1 This hand is cheerful and charming. They are agile, not afraid to take risks and engage in conflicts, persistent and convincing, able to achieve high performance in sports and financial trading. If a woman’s index finger is shorter than the ring finger, she is very likely to prefer a career in a profession where “myricky” qualities are required.

2D: 4D = 1 If the fingers are of equal length, their owners are amorous and non-conflictive, able to get along with people. They are punctual and organized, faithful in relations, caring and affectionate spouses. A man with such a sketch will be pleasant, polite and attentive, especially to women.

It has been established by scientific studies that the difference in the length of the second and fourth toes develops during intrauterine development and is due to the influence of testosterone on the fetus. The higher the level of this hormone in the prenatal period, the longer the bony thumb will be, and the greater the chance of a child’s male onset, regardless of gender.

Young people with a thumb index greater than one excel in the digital sciences, such as physics or mathematics, and choose sports that require physical strength and endurance. They have an increased level of aggression, as would be expected of individuals with an elevated level of myocardial stamina. The predominance of length of the index finger can predict good verbal communication skills and glamour, more often demonstrated by girls.

Bppochem, skeptics omeeca that finger length differences and related behavioral traits are inherited in 70% of cases.

  1. The index finger is shorter than the bisected finger.

Such people are most often attractive, pleasant to talk to, and cheerful. They are more determined than others, prone to risk and easily cope with emergent problems. Moreover, one of their special traits is compassion and empathy. They are excellent engineers, scientists, and crossword puzzle-solvers.

  1. The index finger is longer than the bazyman’s.

These people are most often self-confident and camo-doctatic. They enjoy being present and do not like to be bothered with problems. They are not the kind of people who will make the first move to make a move, whether it is a new business or a relationship. However, they appreciate attention and graciously accept praise.

  1. The index and bony fingers are the same length.

These fingers are amorous, kind-hearted, and very loath of conflict. They are very organized in life and get along with others. Such people are faithful in relationships, devoted to their cause and the company in which they work. However, be careful, because in them burns a small flame, which is better not to bring to the fire. Be on their side.

Interesting information about a person may be recognized by his or her pyke, and not only by the length of his or her fingers. Such information is useful, for example, for girls who are going on a first date.

Relation between finger length and character

Numerous studies, as well as the knowledge of chemists, have revealed a connection between finger length and certain traits of a person’s character. Of course, the information is generalized, but many details often coincide.

That the length of the fingers tells about a person’s character:

If the fingers are short, it indicates that the interlocutor’s emoocinality and inpulcability. Such people are quickly carried away by new ideas, but their enthusiasm fades quickly as well. People with short fingers are active and prefer to work in a team.

Patience and conscientiousness can be judged by the average length of fingers. They cannot get angry and irritated for a long time. For such people, it is important that the work brought pleasure, in the opposite case, they will not achieve results.

Speaking of the fact that about the character indicates a great length of fingers, so it points to the poise of the interlocutor. Such people almost never make unreasonable decisions, and they are also responsible and efficient. Quality is very important to them, not quantity.

You can judge character by the length of the individual fingers. In fact, if the index finger is shorter than the bicuspid one, it indicates a strong and decisive character. Such people can easily cope with problems, but they are also cocatpaedal. If the index finger is longer than the pinky finger, it is a signal that the person is camodo-catty but lacks determination. The attention and praise of others is very valuable to them. A person with a truncated finger and an index finger of equal length is a loving and flawless person. He is wepeny and ppeaedan, and also opa nized.