What to do at home during the period of self-isolation

The coronavirus epidemic of COVID-19 has brought global changes to the professional and personal lives of people around the world. The current week in Russia is declared a week off, more and more people go to remote work.

The main thing is to show maximum consciousness and try not to expose yourself and others to danger. Today, taking care of yourself literally means taking care of your neighbor. With the general level of anxiety and stress, it is important to perceive temporary self-isolation not as a dreary confinement in four walls, but as time that can be spent effectively and interestingly – we have everything for this. Stay home and take care of yourself!

Listen to music

It is known that the right audio phone directly affects our psychological state and perception of reality. Make life-affirming “quarantine” playlists of your favorite songs, listen to albums that you have not recently reached the hands (ears), sing, dance and do not give moping and sadness of the chance to register at your home.

Discover something new

How long have you wanted to learn to play guitar, learn the basics of graphic design or maybe learn Swedish? When, how not now! The difficulty of learning something new is not in the process, but in the first decisive step, and now is the best time for you to do it.

Create new images…

Disassemble your wardrobe and play “your own stylist”: collect new images, combine and experiment. Explore fashion trends for the upcoming season and arrange online shopping, especially many online clothing and accessories stores now offer great discounts on their products. Self-isolation is a matter of time, and by the end of it you will be fully equipped.

Look at your habits.

Now, when you have so much time to be alone with yourself, it is time to take a critical look at yourself, to reconsider your lifestyle, habits, including harmful ones, and in the future – goals and priorities. Critically – does not mean with reproach, but consciously, sensitively and with maximum attention.

Start by reviewing your diet, daily routines, time and energy allocations. Perhaps you are simply not paying attention to the impact of some negative things in the turmoil of the day.

Become a chef.

The time for friendly dinners in restaurants, coffee houses and lazy brunches on weekends is postponed indefinitely. Many restaurants work in the delivery mode, and “pizza at home” has not been canceled. But it is much more interesting to master the culinary skills and to please yourself or your family with perfect punk or cheese for breakfast.

Or maybe you can call every day a cuisine of different peoples of the world. Quarantine is a great opportunity for gastronomic experiments. All products can be ordered at home, and the Internet is full of original recipes for every taste and every complexity.

Spend time with your loved ones.

In ordinary life, alas, we often do not have enough time to communicate with loved ones and dear people. We always run away, are late and postpone everything, limiting our time to on-duty messages in messengers and social networks. It’s time to fix it. All the more so because in the self-isolation mode it is very important to keep a sense of connection with the outside world, otherwise depression, loneliness and abandonment will become loyal companions.

If you live with your family, try to do something together more often: from joint breakfasts to board games. If you live alone, modern technology will come to your aid: video calls to friends and family are a great alternative to face-to-face meetings, especially if you often don’t have enough time for these personal meetings.

Move more.

Movement is life. Indoor gyms, swimming pools and fitness clubs are no reason to give up on sports. There are a lot of videos on YouTube about how to keep yourself fit from the comfort of your home and with minimal sports equipment.

Charge in the morning, a few fifteen-minute physical activity breaks during the day – and you’re in good shape. Besides, you can try yourself in new directions: maybe you wanted to do some dancing or practice yoga for a long time. Get started!

Get creative.

It’s a great way to unlock your inner potential, to “clear your head” and get a new, interesting experience. The field for experimentation here is ploughed – the first thing that comes to mind is what you do: from scrapbooking to video editing. The effect will be only positive!

Put things in order.

Genesis determines consciousness. So if you want order in your head, first put it in everything that surrounds you. The capture of the outside invisible, but inexorably penetrates into the inner: attention, concentration and memory are weakened, the degree of irritability and distraction increases. Large resources are spent on eliminating all kinds of “interference” – in the end, we have less time, more tired, and, most offensive – in vain.

Clean up your apartment: disassemble things, throw away all unnecessary things, do the general cleaning, disassemble mail and files in your computer and smartphone – you will see for yourself how much easier, freer and calmer you will breathe and think.

For more information on how to organize storage in your apartment, please see the article “Basic rules of storage”.

Make a reshuffle.

A versatile option to transform space without spending a penny. Forced stay for a long time in one room can not but act on your nerves, and changing the usual picture perfectly help psychologically “unload.

Tips on the subject read in the article “7 rules of harmonious arrangement of furniture.

Set up a relaxation zone on your balcony.

During the winter, the body was exhausted from sunlight, fresh air and vitamin D. And if walks in parks and squares are impossible now, it does not mean that we must give up all the “spring delights”. Disassemble and wash the balcony, put a folding table, ottoman, hang garlands – you have a ready area for anything: a leisurely breakfast, reading books and even work.

Organize your workspace.

Psychologists argue that for effective work from home, special attention must be paid to both the functional and aesthetic components of the workplace. In today’s ubiquitous “remote” work, this moment is more relevant than ever. Do not work in bed or in any familiar recreation area – the boundaries of work and personal space must be strict.

This is first of all necessary both for maintaining productivity and for general psychological comfort: the brain must clearly understand when it needs to work, and when to rest, and the appropriate environment – a direct signal to start a certain mechanism of activity.

Arrange a separate work zone. This can be at least a wide window sill or balcony, the main thing is to make you comfortable, comfortable and not harmful to health.

Transplant plants.

Now is the time to engage in transplanting and plant nutrition, especially since communication with wildlife in the current circumstances – the best cure for moping and longing. In addition to indoor plants, you can create a small unpretentious “garden”, and soon to your table will be ready to fresh greenery, grown with their own hands.

Read more.

I’m sure you have plenty of books to read. You can also add to this list the works that you have read long ago and could now appreciate them in a new way.

Get your financial affairs in order.

It’s not easy, it’s serious and thorough. I guess that’s why it’s so often put off to daddy “for later.” Thoroughly analyze all your income and expenses. Surely, in the self-isolation mode, the second point has significantly reduced, and this is an obvious advantage.

Consider what “everyday rituals” invisibly eats up a large part of your financial resources: coffee with you, ordering food in the office, reckless shopping, frequent visits to cafes and restaurants, etc. Think about what you could give up and what to reduce in favor of something more justified.

“Pump up” in your specialty.

Most likely, you have a lot of articles, notes and materials related to your specialty in your bookmarks. In addition, many educational online quarantine platforms have offered free access or great discounts on their digital libraries and distance courses.

Organize an online cultural program

Many world museums conduct tours online. Also, most performances and concerts are available in real time. A great chance to walk around the Hermitage, watch Besprydannya or visit a concert of your favorite band without crowds, cozily settled on your sofa.

Watch the new movies.

I bet you have a list of shows and movies marked “must see.” Only for sure, items are added to it more often than crossed out. It’s time to fill that gap, too.

Most online movie services during quarantine have made free access, or for very token money. So the world film fund is now at your complete disposal. You can also create themed screenings: Oscar-winning films, retrospective films of your favourite director or actor.

Dedicate your time to yourself.

Have a spa day, meditate, relax and get some sleep at last!