What to do if you can’t sleep for a long time: 10 quick ways to “turn off” the body

All day long you dream of a warm and soft bed, you can’t wait to come home and fall asleep sweetly, but after you lie down, the dream takes off like a hand. Has it been like that? If so, then our material is for you.

A person whose health is normal falls asleep for 7-10 minutes. He sleeps all night without waking up, and in the morning he feels cheerful and energetic.

However, it does not always happen this way. Many people on the planet suffer from insomnia, which makes them feel sluggish and broken. Such people do not have the strength to work, or to entertain and communicate.


1Whatever the reason may be

2Way #1. Walking

3Sode 2. Ball

4Way #3. Relaxing bath

5Way #4. Breathing by technique “4-7-8”.

6Way #5. Time Machine

Way #6. Hear the silence.

Way #7. Schedule .

Way #8. Room temperature

10Way #9. Blink the other way round.

11Mode 10. Tale .

What could be the reason

The reasons for insomnia can be dozens: stress, snoring, illness, anxiety. However, they all grow into the main one – the internal dialogue.

Despite the fact that you can not sleep, you try to think about it. When any problem arises, a person tries to discuss it with himself, in his head.

If you lie down and haven’t been able to sleep for 15 minutes, all subsequent attempts will be futile: you’ll get in the way of a mattress, you’ll think about monsters under the bed, how would you respond to a guy who left you 5 years ago, or to think about whether those jeans were bought on sale last Saturday.

In order to fall asleep calmly and quickly, you need to distract your brain and keep him from starting an inner dialogue.

There are 10 most common ways to help you do that

Way #1. Walk

Try to allocate an hour of free time and devote it to an outdoor walk. Slow walks before bed will help you relieve stress after a day of work and relax.

Even more so, outdoor walks are much more useful than watching TV or “hanging out” in social networks.

Mode 2. Ball

Everyone knows that the easiest way to fall asleep is to count sheep. But there is a more effective visual way.

Try to imagine a ball that swings smoothly and creates waves around you before you go to sleep.

If you notice that you are starting to get distracted, try to go back to the image of the ball again.

Way number 3. Relaxing bath

Taking a hot bath helps you sleep faster and stronger.

You can add some essential oils or herbs to the water: valerian, lemon balm, mint and chamomile. This will help you relax and relieve stress.

It is worth noting that the bath should be taken 2 hours before sleep for 10 minutes.

Way #4. Breathing by technique “4-7-8”.

A breathing technique called “4-7-8” helps distract from unnecessary thoughts and allows you to control your breathing.

What it is:

It is necessary to lie down, close eyes, breathe through a nose during 4 seconds, then for 7 seconds to conceal breath, and for eight seconds to exhale through a mouth.

Way number five. Time machine

Go back to yesterday. Try to scroll it in your head, without analysis or evaluation. Just think of all the events that have happened to you.

Way #6. Hear the silence

You need to lie down comfortably, relax and listen to the silence. Yeah, silence, not a cat in the next room, a car in the street, or a neighbor’s conversations, namely silence.

If you can get your thoughts together and focus on it, you will fall asleep very quickly.

Way #7. Schedule

Create a sleep schedule. Try to lie down and wake up at the same time.

Over time, your body will get used to a certain schedule and you will sleep much easier.

Way #8. Room temperature

Ventilate the room before you go to bed.

It’s easier for a person to fall asleep if the body is a little chilly.

It’s best to leave the window open all night.

Way #9. Blink the other way around

Another way to quickly relax and not let stupid thoughts get into your head is to blink the opposite technique.

You need to lie down and close the chapter. After 10 seconds, open it and close it again quickly. Repeat this exercise until you are tired and you want to fall asleep.

Way #10. Fairytale

It’s not for nothing that parents read fairy tales to their children at night. They help you take your mind off unnecessary thoughts.

Come up with a story and tell it to yourself. Start with a simple and uncomplicated story, and then let it develop independently. You will not even notice how you start to delve into the tale and fall asleep.