What to do in your free time: 130 ideas

When boredom strikes and there is nothing to do at all, we begin to feel sad and mentally tired of boredom. The only things that come to mind are soap operas and social networking, but that’s too familiar and depressing at the same time. What to do in your spare time to rest your mind and body? Keep a list, because you will definitely need it. You can be a teenager, a husband or a girlfriend. You can be any age and live anywhere. In any situation, every one of us faces boredom sooner or later. We start looking for something new to dispel or amuse us. But each of us chooses some kind of entertainment. Some want to do something useful, others just relax at home, and others prefer to go out. For all these occasions, we’ve put together ideas that you might like. Have fun, because life is too short to be bored. Remember that you’ll never be younger than you were tonight.

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What useful things to do in your spare time?

What to do interesting in your free time at home?

What to do in your free time on the street?

What useful things to do in your spare time?

Planning to do something useful, but the right things to do and the right things to do? There are many useful things to do that will not only help you unwind, but also do something important. Take time off in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’ve wasted time. Here’s a list of useful things to do at home.

1.Clean up the house, rearrange it, and make the atmosphere cozier.

2. Start a channel on Youtube or TikTok.

3. Find useful and promising online courses and then complete them.

4. Write a letter to your future self. Dreaming and fantasizing about the future is always helpful.

5. Exercise, using apps or Youtube to get your figure in shape.

6. Read an interesting and useful book whose information is useful to you.

7. Listen to an audiobook while doing something else.

8. Learn to play a musical instrument, as you have long wanted to. Lessons on the Internet are a great help.

9. Try creativity to learn new skills and make your own handmade stuff.

10. Do crossword puzzles, scandals, rebuses and other riddles to pump your brain.

11. Have a spa treatment night. It’s good for your appearance and mood.

12. Learn to draw to become a bit of an artist and then post on Instagram and other places.

13. change your style to become a little more attractive and interesting.

14. Take up self-education, professional development, and gaining experience.

15. Plan for the near future so you can continue to live your life according to plan, not in chaos.

16. Learn to meditate to find peace of mind and strength within.

17. Go on a diet and start eating more properly.

18. Learn something new, exciting and useful.

19. think about changing your lifestyle, job or even where you live. Sometimes drastic changes are needed in life.

20. Clean your phone and computer of unnecessary programs and applications.

21. Give yourself a self-massage of your body or face.

22. update your resume or look for a new job.

23. Look for part-time job options so you have extra money.

24. Become a real expert and professional in some area.

25. Make a genealogical tree to know your family tree better.

26. Think up your own business, the way is small.

27. find a useful hobby, which can become a favorite and paid occupation.

28. Work on your diction, leadership and other useful qualities.

29. Make something with your own hands.

30. Start learning a foreign language, maybe even a second or third language.

31. Try yoga.

32. Work to get important things done even in your spare time.

33. Learn the basics of some promising new profession.

34. Make a wish map to visualize your goals.

35. Go to bed to get some sleep for the future.

36. Challenge yourself by starting a healthy habit for the next 30 days.

37. Write your own list of things to do in your free time.

What to do interesting in your free time at home?

Sometimes you just want to stay at home and relax in the comfort of your own home. This will give the brain, nerves and body a good relaxation. Rest can be quiet and lazy, and can be active.

38. Invite your friends over to your house to have fun and socialize together.

39. Listen to music, sing along, and even dance. It’s fun and cool.

40. Find it on the Internet and then try to do the challange by making a video.

41. Learn to do card tricks or magic tricks so you can surprise your friends later.

42. Chat with your significant other, and if not, get to know them through apps.

43. Start keeping a diary so you can write down all your thoughts and desires there.

44. Play costume games or board games with friends.

45. Take lots of selfies to update all your social media avatars.

46. Cook a delicious dish to enjoy and become a bit of a foodie.

47. Hang out on the internet watching endless videos, pictures, gags and reading articles.

48. Learn a poem that you will then quote to beautiful girls.

49. Drink some alcohol. Think up your own cocktail which you’ll treat your friends and girls with.

50. Watch sports events on TV or on the Internet, cheer for your favorite team.

51. Take up your favorite hobby or pastime.

52. Buy something on the Internet that you wanted or a random thing.

53. Play games of chance.

54. Look at old photos or things to indulge in pleasant memories.

55. Play around and do nonsensical but fun and enjoyable nonsense.

56. Watch a movie or TV series, because it’s so exciting.

57. Smoke a hookah.

58. Make yourself some big promise.

59. Play with a pet, kids, or make something up for yourself.

60. Take up collecting.

61. Write an essay on a free-wheeling topic that excites and interests you more.

62. Find some star and subscribe to it.

63. Sit by the window with a mug of coffee or glass of wine and then enjoy the view from it.

64. Take a bubble bath with your tablet to watch a movie or listen to music.

65. Try to do something new that you’ve wanted and dreamed about for a long time.

66. Write to old acquaintances with whom you lost contact long ago.

67. Watch some entertainment shows.

68. Order pizza or sushi or something with delivery.

69. Have a theme party at home.

70. Learn to dance using the Internet.

71. Find interesting sites to hang out on. For example, our mensby.com would be a good idea.

72. Write, call or video conference to chat with someone.

73. Take interesting tests to get to know and understand yourself better.

74. Lie on the couch all day doing nothing.

75. Think about higher matter and try to find meaning in life.

What to do in your free time outside?

Often all the most interesting, unusual and cool things are outside the house. If you’re bored, have nothing to do and are a little down, get outside. Go where your eyes can see, and try a bunch of different interesting things.

76. Go to a bar or cafe with your buddies or your other half.

77. Ride a bicycle, skateboard, scooter, motorcycle or car.

78. Go on a picnic with friends, relatives and other halves.

79. Go to the garage and hang out there.

80. Go to a cool concert to shout songs, jump and slam.

81. Go out for a run with a jogging club in nice company.

82. Find any free event to go to today.

83. Go to a club to dance, have a drink and meet someone cute.

84. Go play pool or go bowling to have some fun.

85. Go wherever your eyes can see. It’s always more fun to do it in someone else’s company.

86. Go shopping to buy something you need or don’t need.

87. Go on a date with your soulmate or a lovely stranger.

88. Take a trip to the cottage or country house.

89. Try paintball or laser tag.

90. Take a walk in the park to get some clean air.

91. Go to the gym, crossfit, fitness.

92. Grab a camera, then go take pictures of anything and anyone.

93. Climb to the roof or any high point to admire the beautiful view.

94. Go to a movie, exhibition, ballet, or theater.

95. Wander the streets alone or in company, looking into all sorts of corners.

96. Go camping with tents to relax in nature.

97. Go to the most party street and the most party place.

98. Find someone to make love to.

99. Have a fascinating conversation with an interesting conversationalist.

100. Go out into the yard to play basketball, volleyball, or tennis.

101. Go to any workshop.

102. Take the pet for a walk, go for a walk with the kids or the other half.

103. Join any hobby club to find like-minded people.

104. Go for a drive around the city at night or just go for a walk.

105. Visit an amusement park to ride rides and have fun.

106. Meet new people, friends and company goals.

107. Prank or amuse someone.

108. Have a scuffle with someone or go to a martial arts club.

109. Go to a flea market.

110. Go to a sports game to yell in the fan section.

111. Find a place to see off the sunset or greet the sunrise.

112. Go for a ride on a boat, catamaran, yacht or steamboat.

113. Get a metal detector or a search magnet.

114. Go fishing or hunting.

115. Make a video for YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram.

116. Try the cuisine at different cafes to find your place.

117. Find any open-air to hang out there for a while.

118. Go to any quest or other similar entertainment.

119. Give in to the temptation that has been eating you up for a long time.

120. Go to a volunteer organization to make the world a little better.

121. Try extreme sports for an experience.

122. Go to the discovery of something new.

123. Go on a spontaneous trip.

124. Find a hobby you can do outdoors or in nature.

125. Launch a Chinese lantern, fireworks, or just admire the sky.

126. Go visit someone or visit your parents.

127. Go to a river, lake, water park, bathhouse, sauna or pool.

128. Go out for a rave or a party.

129. Confess your love to someone.

130. Find an unexpected adventure that interests you.

There is a whole sea of options for what to do in your spare time. Although sometimes it’s not important how, but with whom you spend your time. Remember that you will never be younger than tonight.