What to drink in the heat

Usually our body loses 2-2.5 liters of moisture per day, and in hot weather this volume increases to 4 liters.

Dehydration of the body leads to dizziness, headaches, reduces efficiency, especially mental activity, exacerbates chronic diseases, primarily heart and kidneys. Therefore, without an abundance of drinking in the heat can not do. But doctors say you should drink wisely!

The five most useful drinks for heat

1. Water. It is recommended by doctors to focus on water. Preference should be given to alkaline mineral waters containing small amounts of salts. Therapeutic mineral water (containing more than 10 g of salts per liter) should only be used on the recommendation of a doctor.

Why is a low-grade or still mineral water recommended? Because in hot weather a person sweats a lot, and then the body loses not only a lot of fluid, but also various mineral salts. If there is no mineral, slightly saline ordinary bottled drinking cool water or filtered tap water.

The ideal drink to quench thirst in the heat is lemon infusion, which can be made by yourself. A quarter of lemon should be squeezed into a glass of water. Add a partial teaspoon of sugar and throw a pinch of salt. Drink this drink a little every half hour.

2. Tea. Very helpful on a hot day. But it should be weakly brewed, unsweetened, preferably with lemon. Black or green is a matter of taste, useful for both. It also does not matter if it is cold or hot, although hot, surprisingly, will bring more relief in the heat. By the way, as it turned out, hot green tea also protects the skin from ultraviolet rays.

3. Kvass. It contains carbon dioxide and amino acids to help quench thirst beautifully. In addition, kvass belongs to the group of so-called fermented drinks, and therefore promotes faster absorption of food.

What should you consider? Carbonated kvass from bottles can not be called useful: it adds many preservatives, food colors, sweeteners, turning it into the most ordinary sweet soda, which makes you even more thirsty.

4. Juice, morses and nectars. They are good at quenching thirst if they are natural (especially freshly squeezed out), low in sugar, and best of all half diluted with water. Preferable are apple, cherry, grapefruit, plum, cherry plum, cornel juice, cowberry, cranberry, and currant morses.

Phytotherapists recommend: celery juice helps on a hot day. Squeeze the stems, celery greenery and eat one (no more!) drink a day – the effect, according to experts, will exceed expectations.

Doctors recommend drinking juices on an empty stomach or between meals – an hour and a half before or after meals. And limit it to two or three glasses a day. But ordinary juices from the packaging – mixed and reconstituted from a dry concentrate, and even with the addition of sugar – is unlikely to help in the fight against heat and, of course, do not bring health benefits.

5. Kefir, ryazhenka, yoghurt, commoner, containing organic acids, perfectly quench thirst. In addition, they are quickly assimilated, contribute to the restoration of intestinal microflora. The main thing is to keep them fresh.

Milk can also be drunk in heat, but preferably skimmed or whole, diluted with water.

That it is not recommended to drink in the heat

Alcohol puts enormous strain on the heart and blood vessels and on a hot day is a serious danger to the health of the strongest man. In addition, strong, hot drinks increase heat output. Having drunk, say, a glass of vodka, you will not only quench your thirst, but also overheat.

Beer, so beloved by many men, also puts pressure on the heart and blood vessels. In large quantities, it, like other alcoholic drinks, is harmful to the body. If you drink it, no more than one or two bottles, only light, not stronger than 4.5 degrees, as alcohol speeds up dehydration.

Carbonated sweet drinks – here the position of doctors is unequivocal: it is undesirable to drink them at any time of year! Not only do they not quench the thirst, but on the contrary, they cause it.


Soaked up water quenches thirst not immediately, but in 10-15 minutes, so do not drink a lot at once and often. And if your thirst is not quenched, try to rinse your mouth with salt water. In heat or before hard physical work, eat a thickly salted piece of bread or a small piece of herring. Then you won’t be thirsty for long.

You shouldn’t drink too much. Doctors warn: excess fluid in the body is just as dangerous as its lack – this imbalance can seriously harm health.

For those suffering from cardiovascular disease and who are usually not recommended to drink more than 1.5 liters, you can increase this rate by 1 glass of fluid.

Even the most healthy drinks can be harmful to the body if you drink them too cold. Contained in them mineral salts can not go into the body cells for a long time, in addition, strongly cooled fluids excite sweat glands.

By the way

Heat is stressful to the body. It can be used to increase defensive forces:

Eleutherococcus – the best natural tonic, similar in properties to ginseng. It increases mental performance, reduces sleepiness, lowers blood sugar levels.

To increase stress resistance is possible without any drugs. Even in ancient times, people used to stimulate forces – stone hematite. It is believed that the bracelet made of this mineral (in addition to serving as a protection against the evil eye) normalizes blood pressure, activates the activity of the spleen, energizes vigor and optimism.