What to eat after a workout: 6 perfect recipes

For every person who is engaged in sports, the diet is important. If the diet is selected correctly, muscles will take on a more active form and energy will be present in the body. In addition, a correctly selected diet for an athlete has a positive impact on health.

Nutrition should include glycogen and amino acids. Proteins and carbohydrates are also important. It is not uncommon for men to eat rice with chicken meat after sports, and protein cocktails on their tables as drinks. This, of course, is not a bad option, but monotonous.

In order to diversify our diet, we offer 6 recipes for athletes, which will be mastered by every man.

  1. Protein-based pancakes.

It is a good choice for those who want to build beautiful muscles as soon as possible.

Pancakes contain enough protein, 51g proteins, a little carbohydrate 39g and a minimum fat 6g.

Caloric value of the dish: 421 kilocalories.

You need to mix half a glass of cottage cheese and the same amount of oatmeal. Add four egg whites, half a teaspoon of vanilla, as well as 1/8 h. leavening agent. Mix the resulting content until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Pour the dough over a heated pan, forming pancakes of the desired size. Cook the dish on medium heat. You can add berries or fruit to the prepared pancakes.

  1. Beef and pumpkin.

The dish is perfectly saturated after physical activity and does not cause a feeling of overeating.

Caloric value of the dish: 628 kilocalories.

The amount of protein in the dish is 70 g, carbohydrates 38, and fats 18 g.

You should fry or boil beef. Add salt and pepper to the cooking water to taste. In the same way prepare a ripe pumpkin cut into cubes for 30 minutes. Next, mix the meat with the pumpkin and stew in a saucepan until cooked. As an addition, you can add a sauce based on your favourite ingredients.

  1. Tuna and crackers.

It’s a great meal for those who don’t have a lot of time to cook. Also, tuna and crackers are good for lunch at work.

Caloric value of the dish: 379 kilocalories.

The amount of protein is 41 g, carbohydrates 24 g, and fats 13 g.

It is necessary to grind whole grains of crackers so that their amount is half a cup. Mix cookies with a can of tinned tuna. Add olive oil, pepper and small diced salted cucumbers to the dish to give it an interesting taste and flavour.

  1. Protein-saturated oatmeal flakes.

This dish is good for eating after training in the morning. It nourishes, saturates, and also cereal tastes good. Many bodybuilders prefer this breakfast or snack in the morning. Protein flakes are a versatile option for athletes – they are suitable for those who go through the drying process as well as for athletes who want to build muscle.

Caloric value: 422 kilocalories.

Carbohydrates: 48g, proteins: 31g and fats: 12.5g.

Mix half a cap of protein powder with half a glass of oat flakes. Add a handful of crushed almond nuts and fruits (dried or frozen). If desired, you can add cinnamon to the dish.

  1. Vegetable omelette.

Scrambled eggs are a great source of protein and omega-3. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals. You can enhance the beneficial properties of eggs by adding vegetables or ham to the dish. This is an excellent option for those who stick to a diet and need a source of protein.

Caloric value of the dish: 520 kilocalories.

The amount of protein is 37g, carbohydrates 29g, fats 23g.

To prepare the dish you need to beat four eggs and two extra proteins. Add a cup of sliced vegetables and greens to the mixture. You can also add mushrooms and non-fat ham.

  1. Potatoes and chicken

The dish is aromatic and pleasant to taste. Potatoes are carbohydrates that are slowly digested, which will benefit muscle nutrition.

Caloric value of the dish: 300 kilocalories.

The amount of protein is 51 g, carbohydrates 30 g, fats 5 g.

Dice 200 g of chicken breast, add some olive oil and send everything to the pot. Then add the potatoes and apples, also dice them all beforehand. From the spices add cinnamon, salt and pepper to taste. Add water and quench everything well. This dish can be cooked for several days and kept in the fridge.

The listed dishes will be an effective supplement to the athlete’s diet. They are easy to prepare, and the ingredients are available in almost any supermarket.