What to get rid of in a person’s life: 35 things you shouldn’t spend your life on

Most of our lives are wasted on things that don’t matter, we worry about the wrong things, and we don’t do the things we should be doing. What is not worth wasting your time, effort, and life itself on? What should be sent away today? There are many things in the world that we pay too much attention to when it is not worth it. Some things need to be crossed out so we don’t ruin our lives. Don’t waste your time on these things that only rob you of opportunities and chances for happiness. Consider that your new, happy and better life will begin after that. What should a person get rid of in life today? What shouldn’t you waste your life on for nothing and for nothing?

1.Get rid of shyness. Our modesty, shyness and timidity prevent us from developing. Do not be afraid to try something new, to communicate with new people, to plunge into new company, go outside the box. Get the experience of a lifetime, rather than cowardly sitting on the sidelines. Shyness just keeps you from getting a taste of this life.

2. Forget about things and shopaholism. Companies want to sell you everything they have produced. These are goods and services that you may not need as much as they claim. Spend your whole life to make more money with which to buy unnecessary things? In asceticism lies avoidance of the trap of capitalism, the big corporations. Banks and their loans and installment plans are bondage for slaves. You don’t need those many things and clothes to be happy. Be free of all that is forced upon you.

3. Don’t put it off until tomorrow. Tomorrow, next week, the new month. You either do it now or resign yourself to the fact that you will never do it. You have to act today and do it the best you can.

4. Don’t seek justice in life. Everyone knows people who care about justice and fairness in this world. They are willing to put their lives and a lot of effort into it, but it’s all like Don Quixote fighting windmills. They hope that everything must be by the rules and equal. But the world is unfair, ruthless and harsh. The world will have to be played by its rules.

5. Stop looking for peace and comfort. We like to look for a quieter place to spend the rest of our lives. But then we wonder why everything is so gray, humdrum and unsightly. All the best, most promising and interesting things are outside the usual comfort zone. Get used to some inconveniences if you want a full and vibrant life.

6. Don’t make a perfect person out of yourself. Hypocrisy and sanctimony are meaningless. Why play the good guy if you’re not one. Allow yourself to have flaws and dark character traits.

7. Don’t step on familiar rake. How many times have you made the same mistakes in relationships, work, business, and life? If you make the same mistake all the time, you will never get out of this problematic spiral. Learn from your mistakes so you don’t get caught in a vicious circle.

8. Forget impatience. Often hustlers grasp at everything, but quit before it gets tough. The result is a lot of fuss and zero results. Be patient, exercise discipline, and maintain persistence. Nothing comes easy, whatever you decide to get.

9. Don’t do things you don’t want to do. Don’t waste your life on things that aren’t worth it. We work most of our lives in jobs we don’t like, and often even hate and underpay. Often we do things we don’t want to do and don’t have a heart for. Don’t do what you don’t want to do, but find your own path. It’s better to spend time getting another education, studying, and gaining experience than to spend your life doing something you don’t love.

10. Get rid of laziness. What is the first thing you need to get rid of in life? The greatest enemy sits within us, which we call laziness, idleness and sloth. But it is laziness that crosses out all your plans, goals, dreams and daydreams. If you reduced your level of laziness to 50%, you would accomplish so much you can’t even imagine.

11. Stop worrying about other people’s opinions. We care a lot about other people’s opinions when we’re young, when as we get older we don’t care about it. Why should you even care about someone else’s biased opinion?

12. Stop waiting for something. We like to expect things from life all the time. I’ll go to university, get a job, a vacation, a weekend, a good situation, or retirement. Stop waiting and let go of expectations, when all the time you are not living for today, but for something in the future.

13. Don’t be static. You need flexibility and malleability in the world, and rigid principles keep you from getting what you want. Always look for better options, rather than going full throttle. Being flexible and adapting to the situation allows you to achieve great results with minimal effort.

14. Don’t look for excuses. Stop looking for reasons why you can’t do something or something doesn’t work out. If you really want to do something, you look for ways to do it, and if you don’t want to do it, you look for excuses. Look for ways to achieve what you want, because if you are not trying, it means that not very much and wanted.

15. Don’t go to extremes. Some people are afraid of everything all the time, while others live by the all-or-nothing principle. These are the wrong approaches in both cases, and they only ruin your life. Look for a middle ground between risk and prudence.

16. Stop running away from problems. The important thing in life is not to run away from problems, but to solve them. You can hide the truth as much as you want and run away from trouble. But they have to be fought and conquered, not run away from. In the world, some people are moved by problems and others by dreams. It is better and more pleasant to move for the sake of dreams.

17. Get rid of excessive expectations. Stop setting yourself too high and having dreams that are not real. Endless dreams and daydreams only make us unhappy. Discard the unattainable and go after the real.

18. Always think about it first. We like to give in to some impulse, desire or push from the outside, and then we get new problems. Learn to analyze and think before you do or say anything. Always think first and more than once, which will allow you to make the best decisions in any situation.

19. stop fussing and worrying. We often worry too much about things that will never happen and will never happen. You can’t prepare for everything in life, so just stay vigilant.

20. Don’t give up. This world will test you hard every day, and there will always be enough problems. But don’t give up or bend to everything. Learn to fight when you have to, instead of dodging the fight all the time.

21. Get rid of your pride. What do we get rid of in life that gets in our way on a daily basis? Few things have ruined our lives like our pride. We have ruined relationships, friendships, and lost good chances in life. Stupid pride ruins life and keeps you from achieving what you want.

22. Leave the past in the past. Often the past pulls us back, makes us worry and worry. Sometimes you just have to let go of the past by crossing it out. Don’t let the past pull you back and prevent you from moving forward. Get rid of the bad past so you can have something beautiful new.

23. Create chances, not wait for them. Don’t waste your life waiting for something all the time. A happy, convenient, and good opportunity may never come. Living your whole life waiting is a little silly. Any chance can be created, if you do not stupidly wait for a miracle. Make your own decisions and find opportunities. Happy chances are for waiting losers.

24. Forget the pessimism. Your unhappy face has made everyone sick of it. No one likes pessimists, but everyone avoids them. Do you want to have a good relationship with your significant other, have lots of friends and improve your relationship with your colleagues? Show optimism. It will help not only in communication, but also in life itself.

25. Don’t compare yourself to others. There are always more successful, richer, prettier, younger and better people in the world. But all this comparison discourages us from the joy of life. Don’t pay attention to others and what they have: a car, fame, money. Take better care of your life and go to your goals, and compare yourself as you change for the better.

26. Deal with impossibility. Some things you will never get, no matter how much you want them. Not everything is conquerable, and some goals remain dreams. You can’t fall in love with every girl, you can’t be completely happy, and you can’t achieve every goal in life. Some things won’t work out for you, but that’s okay. Unlucky in one thing, but sure to be lucky in another.

27. Don’t whine and complain. There are some people who complain all the time, as if the whole world is against them. Few people can take responsibility for what happens. You shouldn’t look for someone to blame for all the troubles you’ve had in life. It’s easy to blame everything on parents, the government, social status, other people, or your own bad luck. Be able to take responsibility for your life. If you’re not happy with something, don’t whine, but decide.

28. Get rid of panic and stay in control. The best quality is impartiality and self-control. Stay calm so that you don’t do even more stupid things. Even in a difficult situation when things are going downhill. Equanimity is a great quality.

29. Forgive yourself all mistakes and blunders. You can get caught up in your failures for a long time, or you can take them as a life experience. Forgive yourself all the things you’ve done wrong in life. Nobody’s perfect.

30. Don’t berate or beat yourself up. What is not worth wasting time on? Self-reflection. Often we think we are worse than others, and so we get caught up in a lot of it. You can’t think you’re worse than others. You are like many people, which means you don’t need to drive your self-esteem to zero.

31. Don’t regret anything. Don’t get mad. What you did or didn’t do when you had the opportunity. You can go over and over in your head the different probabilities endlessly, but why torture yourself? Get rid of the reason to regret something.

32. Less vanity and more selfishness. It’s okay to put your own needs before other people’s. You decide for yourself whether you want to help someone or do something in someone else’s interest. You don’t have to be kind and convenient to everyone. Don’t let others take advantage of you.

33. Stop moping. Often we think that all the best things are left behind and in the past. There is always room for self-realization and self-actualization in life. Life doesn’t end and neither does time, just manage it more wisely.

34. Be thankful, not complaining. Rejoice in what you have, not be sad about what you don’t have. Enjoy what you have in life, which is not insignificant. Be thankful for life, and you’ll definitely feel much better about yourself.

35. Don’t look for happiness from the outside. No one will make you happy. Another person, a new gadget, fancy clothes – that’s not it. Happiness lies within you, not outside. Find happiness within yourself, learn to enjoy life, enjoy every day. You alone are responsible for your happiness. What else is there for a man to get rid of in life? Get rid of everything in your life that gets in the way or doesn’t make you happy. Take out all the things that go with a “minus” sign, but add more with a “plus” sign. It’s not worth wasting your life, because you definitely won’t have a second one, and this one is running out little by little.