What to go to the club: put on your “weekend” shirt

Clubs are so diverse and numerous that there is no single answer to the question, “What should I wear to a club? The dress code of a trip club and a jazz club are very different from each other. This diversity leads to the fact that you can go to a club in anything – except, of course, when you can’t go in anything (we’ve all seen such cases in the Inbetweeners series). On the other hand, do you really want to go to a club where they won’t let you in the “wrong” shoes?

If you are going to a specialized club, find out beforehand whether it has a “no sportswear” policy, whether they allow you in any form. This can be stated on the club’s website, and just from the photos of the club it can be clear. If you’re looking for universal tips on choosing clothes for going to the club, here are a few principles that will help you upgrade your image to club class.

Choose dark

First and foremost, we’re talking nightclubs here, so the basic trend for evening wear applies here – wear dark. The Black tie dress code is “black tie,” as you know. So even if you just go dancing, it is better to choose a dark color scheme, perhaps with a little flash of white to dilute the dark tone. And leave the pastel clothes for sunny days.

The most suitable for the evening monochrome images in black, navy blue or gray is a very simple, but at the same time spectacular way to turn ordinary clothes into club clothes. Black jeans look rock’n’roll in themselves, gray jeans look more modern and not at all like workers’ clothes, like indigo jeans. You can also wear chinos if they’re a darker color, tapered and don’t look like a model from an elegant clothing catalog. You can wear suit pants – or even the whole suit with skinny lapel pants and a cropped jacket – along with a T-shirt and sneakers. But it is assumed that you can go to a club at the appropriate level in this way, which in addition should not insist on a certain type of shoes.

An all-black or strict monochrome suit can look gloomy, in addition, under certain lighting black can seem brown. So – as with formal dinner suits – consider going blue or incorporating a different shade into your look to dilute the color scheme and soften black. For example, you can pair the black top and shoes with gray jeans. But be careful with light gray tops, because they show traces of sweat. It is better to choose a white or dark option.

Material considerations

Temperament is a very important condition for the club. Imagine having to stand in line at the checkroom to turn in your plaid coat. Or would you rather choose a cheap jacket that you can keep on or even throw on the floor? It could be a weightless breathable bomber, denim jacket or top shirt.

Leather clothes look cool, but they are uncomfortable when it’s hot. Plus, it’s expensive if it’s high quality. And it’s not something you can lose without regret or ruin. A jacket is not as hot, but it is quite a delicate item of clothing, in addition, there is a danger of looking dressed inappropriately. Another significant point: going out to a club is going “out in public.” You want to wear your best clothes, but the club is a place where people drink and/or sweat heavily.

This can be detrimental to your clothes. It’s not a place where it makes sense to wear your best cashmere, which can only be dry-cleaned. And one more addition: you can certainly wear a shirt – as long as it’s not a special party shirt or one that looks like you forgot to wear a tie, and as long as that shirt is short enough that it doesn’t need to be tucked into your pants. But still, in most cases, it’s better to give preference to a T-shirt. It should be tight but not squeezing. The neckline should not be very deep or high. Slogans or logos on it should be neutral to fit into any dress code.

Attention to shoes

Footwear is something that requires especially close attention. Today the line between shoes and sneakers is so blurred that it is almost non-existent. There are even so-called “costume” sneakers – they have a dark upper and a contrasting white sole. Of course, a more color-matched dark sole will attract less attention from the face control officer and will not cause an argument about whether or not they’re sneakers. And you’ll probably lose that argument. You don’t have to spend money on Common Projects sneakers to wear them to the club.

Former Juventus midfielder Pavel Nedved wore black Stan Smiths sneakers instead of boots to a suit during one of the last Champions League games – you might not have noticed that. The Vans brand also makes leather versions of their famous raggy sneakers – they look quite formal. If there’s even the slightest chance that you won’t be allowed into the club in sneakers, it’s best not to wear them. So you need shoes that you don’t have to look like David Brent in. Oxfords, appropriate for the office, are overly formal. Brogues may also seem redundant for the club.

On the other hand, minimalistic Derby boots or regular lace-up boots look modern, especially if they have a thick enough sole to contrast with tight pants and introducing the hooligan behavior of Dr. Martens (DM shoes have made an appearance in many musical subcultures). On the other hand, you can choose just shoes with comfortable sneaker-type soles – they look less fashionable, but they are much more comfortable, and this is important if you are going to dance all night long. Or forget the boots and go for the Chelsea.

Like black jeans, they’re the epitome of rock ‘n’ roll. And thanks to Kanye, they’re an attribute of hip-hop today. They look cool, but they’re not sneakers and yet they’re appropriate for any age or event. Especially trendy today are Chelsea’s with fluted soles and made in brown suede rather than black leather. If you choose such shoes, do not forget about its protection from the dangers of the nightclub. And I hope you don’t need to be reminded that you shouldn’t wear shoes with a square toe.