What to present a girl? Choosing tips and a selection of ideas

My next birthday was approaching. Based on the experience of previous years, I decided to simplify the task of choosing for my loved ones – to give them the idea of giving me a new coffeemaker. A couple of weeks before my birthday I started to act: I asked reviews about stores, showed them my preferred models, sighing languidly. By the big day, I was sure that my new coffee machine is waiting somewhere in a secret place. To immediately test the new gadget, I even bought real Brazilian coffee.

And so the day came: Brazilian coffee and I froze in anticipation of our new friend. But instead of a coffee machine, I was given a hair dryer. That day I discovered a new talent in me: acting. In order not to upset my loved ones, I had to pretend to be excited and happy about the gift. In the end, I had to buy the coffee machine myself. It was embarrassing in front of the Brazilian coffee.

I’m sure there are many more such curiosities in life than we know, because it is not customary to talk aloud about inappropriate gifts. But the birthday boys on their holiday deserve sincere joy. That’s why the idea came to write this material. So, what can be a gift to a girl for her birthday or other important occasion?

What to consider when choosing a gift

Ask yourself the questions:

How old is the girl?

What are her wishes? There’s a good chance she voices them to you regularly.

What are her hobbies and interests? How does she spend her free time?

What has she received before as a gift, what have been her experiences?

What is the occasion: a birthday or other personal holiday?

A gift for a first date

What to give a girl if the long-awaited event – a first date – is coming? You don’t know each other well enough to give personal items yet, so choose something that will just lift her spirits. For example:

A pillow with an original design. Practical and cute.

Bouquet of Belgian chocolate. Sweet tooth will appreciate, as well as get an interesting photo for social networks.

A fluffy case for headphones. Relevant in cold seasons.

3D nightlight. Creates a romantic atmosphere and will remind of you.

Flower in a vacuum flask. Romantic solution, will remind her of a prince from a fairy tale.

Balloon fountain. Creates an atmosphere of lightness and mental intimacy.

Cookies with fortune telling. The predictions are usually the most positive. Such a gift creates emotional closeness in the couple.

Set of dried fruits. Tasty and useful, a source of vitamins.

But the following should not be given on a first date:



a book if you don’t know her preferences;

household appliances or appliances.

Birthday gifts

You can choose a gift for a girl on her birthday according to several parameters. The following options are in front of you:

Practical gifts that solve a certain problem.

Gifts from the girl’s interests and hobbies. They will show that you are aware of her hobbies and support them.

Universal gifts suitable for many girls.

Universal gifts can be from the following list:

A handmade soap bouquet. Every time she takes a bath, she will think of you.

Terry robe. Warms up after water procedures, gives a feeling of comfort.

Armchair-bag – comfort for work and rest.

3D mirror for make-up. Tender backlighting makes it easy to apply makeup in any conditions.

Ice cream maker. With it, your girl will reveal her culinary talents and will experiment with desserts.

What to give as a birthday gift to your girlfriend, so that the gift will be of practical use to her? Consider something from this list:

A wallet. Have plenty of pockets for cards and other small things;

An original leather handbag. Goes with many styles in clothing, will be appropriate for walking and for a social outing;

Smart watch. Watching sleep, physical activity, showing important information, and just a stylish accessory;

Sunglasses. Topical, if a warm time of year is approaching.

Gift ideas for a girl who leads an active lifestyle:

Sports backpack. Contains everything you need, easy to carry on your shoulders;

Monopods for selfies. Shares the best moments of her life;

Beach bag. Creates a mood of relaxation from the moment of giving;

Portable charger. Your girl will always be in touch with you. All gadgets are in perfect order even when you are away from home.

The gift creates a certain mood. But sometimes it’s easy to get frustration instead of joy. To avoid this, pay attention to the top unsuccessful gifts for the girl:

Books on self-development, if this area is not her priority.

Things that are tailored to her size.

Wrinkle cream.

Weight loss products.

Such products hint at external imperfections. Even if you do not imply it, the girl herself may decide that it is.

Gifts for graduation, defense of diploma

Choosing a gift for graduation or defense of the diploma, take into account that this is a new stage in life.

Parents can give their daughter:

A laptop. Solves all academic and work tasks. Helps to realize personal interests, build a business, do creative work, develop, relax.

New smartphone. Modern models are not inferior to laptops in functionality. Well-known models are even ahead in this part.

Tablet. Can be drawing or universal. With it it is more interesting to study, work and rest.

Jewelry. An elegant silver necklace complements any image.

If a girl has a diploma, look out for something from this list:

A capsule coffee machine. Helps you quickly prepare more than 30 kinds of homemade hot and cold drinks;

Fitness bracelet. With it, it is easy to track the number of calories, establish an optimal sleep regime, control physical activity during the day;

Portable acoustic system. Provides a good mood at home, at sea, in the countryside;

USB storage device. All important documents will be with you.

Gifts for the anniversary of the relationship and Valentine’s Day

What to give a girl for a year of relationship? You can listen to the wishes of the girl or choose at your own discretion. For example:

Cozy plaid. Keeps you warm when you are not with your girlfriend, emphasizes your care for her.

Pair pendant made of leather. Such a gift is suitable both for the anniversary of a relationship and for the day of lovers. Paired items remind you that your union is a separate, unique world.

Hair dryer brush. Makes it easy to style both long and short hair. Saves a ton of time every morning.

Gifts from the following list are unlikely to provide a positive experience:

Vases and other utensils if you don’t keep a household together;

A set of kitchen utensils;

A ring, if you are not going to ask for her hand.

Gifts for professional holidays

What to give to your beloved on a professional holiday? On this day, you can emphasize the peculiarities of her profession.

For an accountant:

Back and neck massage cape. This useful gadget is applicable right at the desk while working or driving. The pressure can be adjusted manually. Relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation;

Mug with double glass. Looks original, does not break when dropped. Durability is twice as high as regular mugs;

A desk calculator. Such a practical gift will be a loyal assistant to the accountant.

Gifts for the beloved, if she is a specialist in the field of IT:

A set of honey. Glucose improves brain function. Different kinds of honey in one box will perfectly complement the ritual of tea or coffee.

USB cup warmer. Your girlfriend doesn’t need to drink cold coffee or waste time pouring boiling water into her mug. The gadget maintains the optimal temperature so that your hot beverage won’t get cold.

Monoblock. This gadget combines computer hardware with a large monitor. Working on a monoblock provides high productivity and speed of the specialist. A monoblock for an IT specialist simplifies the work process and creates conditions for comfortable work.

Choosing a gift for an athlete, take into account the sport she is engaged in. The options may be as follows:

Sports bag. A stylish sports bag will be part of her busy life. When buying, pay attention to the capacity of the bag;

Wireless headphones. Will brighten up workouts, walks, long trips, the process of learning, rest and many other moments of life;

A pair of branded sneakers. Comfortable and stylish shoes, appropriate for any sport.

Journalism is an interesting profession. Every day of a journalist poses unpredictable tasks and requires activity. Here is what will be useful for such people:

A vacuum cleaner to clean the keyboard. Journalists often work in the field. A tiny vacuum cleaner doesn’t take up much space in a bag, but it easily removes dirt and dust from the keyboard surface;

Travel mug. A handy tool when working in the field. If it is a cold land, you will always have a mug of hot coffee with you;

Voice recorder. Quality sound recording – everything for a journalist. User-friendly interface of the gadget simplifies the routine process of shorthand material.

Gifts for the teacher can be as follows:

Desk clock. Large numbers are visible from any corner of the classroom. It will be easy for the teacher to keep track of time so she can make time for all phases of the lesson;

Gift bouquet of tea. A fragrant tea with exquisite flavor helps keep you toned down throughout the day;

LED table lamp. Attaches securely to your desk. Soft, diffusing light helps when working with paper materials.

Gift ideas for office and trade employees:

A heated lunch box. Your favorite homemade food will always be with you. Saves time reheating in the microwave. Size is compact, can be carried in a bag.

Scented candles. Help you relax after a stressful day at work.

Foot Massager. Help relieve fatigue and restore normal circulation after a day on your feet, or vice versa, in the office chair. Gadget provides the effect of a real Japanese shiatsu massage.

TOP unsuccessful gifts

Will embarrass you and your birthday boy:

  • pets;

  • your own picture;

  • underwear;

  • cosmetics;


When the gift is chosen, take care to decorate it beautifully and creatively. If you live together, you will have to organize the ordering, purchase, delivery and decorating secretly to make it a surprise.

A successful gift is the best way to please any girl. Think about it, maybe this very gift has already been hinted at for you.