What to take on a picnic: a list of the most necessary things

Read about what things and what products must be taken on a picnic for a pleasant holiday in nature

What do I need to take on a picnic? If you properly prepare for a trip to nature, to take into account, consider and prepare everything beforehand, then your vacation will be successful, the whole company will be full, healthy and infinitely happy. And not to forget anything, we have made the most complete and useful list of necessary things for a picnic.

Useful Tips for Picnics: Food and Drinks

Shish kebab and all for its preparation: marinade meat, onions, vegetables, mushrooms, spices, salt, vinegar, sauces;

bread, butter, cheese, sausage, cured meats and other smoked meats for making snacks, while the kebab is being cooked on the coals;

fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, and small potatoes, which can be baked;

juices for children and serious drinks for adults;

drinking water;

dessert, cookies, dried fruit, candy.

What to take with you into nature from the necessary things

Depending on whether you are going on a wild or civilized vacation, you will determine the list of necessary things and equipment for the picnic.

bedding, mat, karemat;

folding picnic table and chairs;

tent, awning, sun tent;

grill, brazier, skewers, matches, hatchet, paper, firewood;

umbrella and cellophane in case of bad weather;

sports equipment: ball, inflatable circle, chess;

knife, tin wrench, corkscrew, cutting board, grater;

picnic set: plates, glasses, spoons, forks;

large salad bowls;

garbage bags.

Clothing, medicines, and personal hygiene products

Health and safety come first. And with the coronavirus, protective equipment should always be on hand. As for the weather, even if the forecast is hot and sunny, do not forget that it can be volatile, and in the evening in nature is much colder than during the day.

Hat or cap;

Windbreaker jacket;



rubber shoes;


toilet paper;

sanitary napkins;

medical masks and antiseptic;

protection from sun, wind and insects;

remedies for cuts, bruises, burns (bandages, plasters, herbs, hydrogen peroxide, wound healing balm);

medicines for stomach upset, activated charcoal;



personal medications and care and hygiene products.