What to talk to girls about?

The more you like a girl, the harder it is to have a conversation with her. What to talk about with a babe you like in order to arouse her interest, sympathy, affection and desire to take off her dress? “Silence is gold, but it’s the only gold women don’t like.” When the object of desire really attracts a man, it is sometimes difficult to find the words. Your palms sweat, your tongue slurps, your throat dries up, and your thoughts drift away. You may already want to jump into bed with this babe, but girls aren’t that fast.

She needs time to get to know a man a little. And after that, if you’re not dumb in your conversation, anything is possible. Scientists have suggested a few topics for conversation with a girl you like, to cause her deep sympathy, and maybe even a desire to get to know you better right now. These topics of conversation bring you closer and give the feeling that you know each other for a long time. Consequently, sex would be a logical outcome of the meeting. This method is often used by experienced seducers and pickup artists.

What to talk to girls about? Good examples for communication

– What did you dream of as a child?

-What did you want to be and do?

– What do you do in your spare time?

– Where did you travel?

-What is your favorite dish and what is good to cook?

– Which celebrities have you invited to dinner, if possible?

– What is your favorite movie?

– Do you like animals?

– What would you do if you won a million dollars?

– Did you like school? – Who is your idol?

– You have one month to live. What would you do?

– What super power would you like to have?

– How have your close friends described you?

– What do you look for in a man?

– What does your perfect night look like? (with a hint of a follow-up)

In addition to choosing a topic, a couple of other skills come in handy for a man. Maintain eye contact with the interlocutor. Show yourself to be an interesting person. Be confident and do not agree with everything she says. Make jokes, smile and laugh more often. Touch her while she’s talking.

A little charm, fun, cheerfulness, and craziness. After that a girl will be ready to take it to the next level with you. Some girls will go home with you and have sex, while others will give you the phone and give you their seductive body on your next date.