What women think about during and after sex

For some reason, scientists are always very concerned about what women think about during sex.

None of my partners ever asked me that. No one ever wondered, “What are you thinking about?” at the sight of my detached face. It is clear that during sex, as such, you don’t ask much about anything. I, personally, sometimes my partner’s name even slips my mind at this point. The proverbial crack in the ceiling from an anecdote or the needs of the country from another anecdote do not interest me either. In general, it seems strange to ask after the fact what a woman was thinking about during sex. Even if I was thinking something, I wouldn’t remember anything. Another thing is after sex, when thoughts go back to the place and you start thinking about the essentials, that is, of course, about work.

However, it turns out, there are women who have a good memory. At them, and aimed another British scientists who interviewed about fifteen hundred people. It turned out that about half of women during sex do not think about their partner, and the other man. This, in general, is not such a news story.

It’s thought that it’s impossible to spend your entire life in a state of first acquaintance. You sooner or later find yourself next to a man whose habits and proclivities have long been studied. Breathtaking midnight kisses in the back seat of a cab, smeared lipstick and a hitherto unknown view from the window of his apartment are a thing of the past. You know when he yawns, when he slams the lid of his laptop, when he smacks the back of your head in passing, “Come to bed, baby. In the bedroom, too, everything has long been studied, words and movements are anticipated in advance.

Sexologists and psychologists are constantly reminding us of the need to maintain novelty in a relationship. Novelty is supposed to prevent infidelity and generally helps to keep your partner interested in you. I have always found this approach strange. Interest can only be lost when it did not exist in the first place. The anecdote about England is very telling in this regard.

A man thinks about things that interest him. It is enough to become and remain for him or her the most interesting thing in the world.