What you can do in your free time

Nowadays, for most working people an extra day off is a real joy. The modern rhythm of life is sometimes so harsh that even on vacation things do not leave your normal routine. But in most cases, after a hard “weekdays of work” still follows a long-awaited rest. So, you finally wake up not on the alarm clock, but when the body gives the sign that it’s time to chew something. You get up, take a shower, have breakfast… And that’s when the question often arises, what can you do in your spare time? By the way, sometimes this problem arises on sick leave, quarantine (more than relevant in the current situation), as well as after the layoff, when between job interviews really simply have nothing to do. Of course, you can lie on the couch all day long, scratching the inexorably growing hairy belly, and staring at the TV. But I can offer a few more useful options for pastime, which are sure to bring its positive benefits.

When you’re sitting at home, you probably notice how your once-stiff muscles begin to blur before your eyes, losing their former athleticism. Or maybe you look like a big teddy bear? If the mirror agrees with me, why not spend all that free time on sports? And don’t look at your wallet with such a sad sigh. To keep yourself in shape, you do not need to be a rich Pinocchio. It is enough to have a desire, a couple of shells like jump rope and dumbbells, and four walls. In principle, the list is complete. Home exercises combined with the right menu (I’m sure that finances will support your desire to eat a budget chicken filet and vegetables with buckwheat) will definitely have a positive impact on body relief. Check out the internet. There are a lot of clear videos that show how to get in shape, even sitting at home. Do not be lazy, otherwise the costs are inevitable. Do you know how much it costs to update your closet now, if you do not fit into the old clothes? Trust me, it’s a lot cheaper to slim down a little bit and get pumped up.

An option for the more affluent comrades is fitness clubs. Amid the pandemic, most popular gyms have announced nice discounts and season ticket sales at a significantly reduced price. Not sure what to do in your free time? Get that tummy tuck you need and at the same time meet some beauty, pumping ass for instagram. So you don’t feel so painfully lazy, grab a friend and drag him to the gym with you. Joint exercise will motivate (yes I’m even better at it) and will not let you settle back down with a beer on the couch. Besides, it’s really more fun that way. Don’t forget about outdoor activities. Vigorous walking, running, push-ups and pull-ups in nature will help you not become a sprawling amoeba. And even this saturates the blood with oxygen and relieve chronic fatigue that haunts, say, every other office worker. Such exercise is relevant in the warm season. If you have never done hardening, in winter it is better to work out at home or in the gym. To improve your results, work with a professional. He will tell you what specific exercises will help to correct a certain part of the body.

Free time is a great opportunity to learn something completely new for yourself. If you think that trips abroad are unlikely to you, therefore, dialects of other countries will never be useful, it is not a reason to limit yourself in knowledge. Foreign language skills are a good help in your career. If you noticed, many jobs with decent wages in the list of requirements include a paragraph about the ability to communicate not only with compatriots. If you have some free time for self-development, it is a good idea to use it for good purposes. Enroll in courses in a foreign language. Now they are not so expensive. For the lazy ones, there are online lessons with native speakers. Textbooks are good, of course, but to talk to an Englishman, a German or a Frenchman is almost priceless. Only in a lively dialogue you can hone your pronunciation skills and correct intonation.

Support your lessons by watching movies in the language you are learning. It is desirable to include subtitles in parallel, so you can keep up with the development of the plot. Download a couple of texts and do the translation. Believe me, reading books by foreign authors in the original will give you a real culture shock. After all, each translator sees the text in his own way, and the author may well have a completely different way of thinking. By the way, with a little more knowledge, you can very well pick up girls. Well, which of the ladies had not dreamed of getting acquainted with a foreigner? Just do not get carried away with brainwashing, or at the most unnecessary moment Russian unprintable expressions you will certainly give up the guts. Few of our people will manage to swear in French if they drop a hammer on their foot.

Feel like a photographer Why not, as a matter of fact? A little bit of effort, practice, and Photoshop skills will turn even an obvious layman into a pretty decent master of a good shot. Before you grab your camera, read some special literature, get some inspiration from the work of experienced photographers. You can also try your hand at home. Start with simple still lifes to learn how to work with light, shadow, and perspective. Your first shots will probably be far from perfect. But it’s just a start. You can ask more experienced photographers on the forum. Just make it clear right away that you are not working for money, but just learning. Otherwise there will be no escape from a barrage of snide criticism. By the way, you do not need to run right away for expensive equipment. Believe me, a full set of special equipment from a professional making good money can be valued at the level of an average apartment. Start with something simpler. There are, by the way, photographers who have made a name for themselves thanks to professional shots taken with a cell phone. Now they have such cameras that are no worse than standard inexpensive “DSLRs. When you’re tired of photographing chairs and vases, and in the comments to the pictures the phrase “lame” occurs not more than once, feel free to go to the next level. Capturing a live person beautifully is much harder. But that’s usually the kind of photo that leads to a steady income. Start practicing “on cats”-girls you know who want something other than selfies in front of the home bathroom.

Be prepared for the vagaries of newly minted models. Agree in advance that you will be posting all your photos for all to see. This is a non-commercial shoot. By the way, acting as a budding photographer, you can easily make new acquaintances with the fair sex. What could be better than a nice outing and practicing your new hobby at the same time? Don’t be in a hurry to grab “nudes” right away. Professional models in this business can not find a day, and those who are willing to get naked in front of a beginner, they take for their posing a pretty penny. And I would not recommend to rejoice in every liberated madam who agreed to do a nude pose. Often inexperienced models look on the photo like a hedgehog in a jar – squeezed and stiff. But they can do well for aesthetic pleasure and for getting a good hand at light and composition.

Conquer the Internet Do you have nothing to do but binge on funny bloggers? Why not become one of them? Seriously, it’s not that hard when you have free time. The main thing in this matter is to learn how to hold your own in front of the camera and hook a potential audience with something. Google the most popular topics, see how famous bloggers behave. If you have a pet that likes to pull a variety of funny “tricks” from time to time, then you have some ready-made material for your YouTube channel. Today, Internet users are massively petting their pets and are willing to watch hours of videos that bring a smile. Another no less popular segment is useful household tips and tricks. If you can easily fix any thing in the house with glue, a skein of blue duct tape and “so-and-so’s mother,” feel free to film the whole process with detailed commentary and post it on the Internet. Remember the whole stream of viral videos, where people were restoring broken appliances with doshirak and epoxy glue? This is from the same thread.

Such a hobby can easily be made into an income-generating hobby. The more users watch your channel, the more you will be offered cooperation from various companies in order to promote your products. This can be done, for example, placing an active link on your page. And if you decide to do some brand PR directly in the video, the payment immediately increases several times.

Get your bachelor pad in order Once you’ve read to this point, don’t be too quick to brush it off and close the article. It’s better to look around. Do you think if you meet a mind-blowing beauty right now, that is not against exploring all the bowels of your bedroom, would you be ashamed to bring her here? If the apartment has long resembled a village after the Viking raid, it’s time to get rid of unnecessary junk and freshen up the decor. And a lady to brighten up the evening will be found automatically. So what does it take to turn a typical bachelor pad into a cozy abode that J.Lo herself wouldn’t be ashamed to bring: Collect all the dirty clothes in the wash. I said all of them. Yes, that shirt, too. And the socks standing in the corner, don’t forget. Anything that’s been worn at least once better be washed. Right away, not six months from now, when the jeans are moldy. Penicillin is not so scarce these days, to grow it in the home. Do a wet cleaning and wipe off the dust. First, it will immediately become easier to breathe. Secondly, you’ll destroy a host of harmful little parasites that live in that fluffy gray plaque.

Third… “Oh, my God, the man’s house is clean?! Take me right to the table that doesn’t have a speck of dust on it!” You want to hear that? Then grab a rag and go to battle with centuries of furry deposits! Vacuum the carpets and upholstered furniture. It’s a good idea to grab the mattresses on the bed, too. If anything, a man with a vacuum cleaner in his hands causes an instant violent orgasm in many ladies. And also in all these “caches” live hordes of microscopic mites. By the way, they often cause a person unreasonable, at first glance, allergies. Throw out old clothes, which is no longer put on when going out in public. Do it ruthlessly, leaving nothing for the garage, cottages and “come on, a beer will do. Believe me, pretty soon you’ll have a replacement. Clothes in real men very quickly go out of order and are in the category of “only for home use. Get rid of unnecessary old junk that no one has used for a long time. Stop hoarding. If some “rarities” are too bad to send to the trash, sell them on Avito. You know, people are so tens of thousands of rubles to make a profit on the absolute vintage. Take it apart on the balcony. Sounds kind of scary, doesn’t it? But that moment had to come at some point. It’s time to turn the junkyard into a cozy place for evening gatherings with a glass of wine in one hand and a girl’s knee in the other. If something becomes miserable to throw away, read the previous point. Yes do not be greedy with the price, otherwise the thing will sit on the balcony for half a century. And a pretty knee will not wait long. Wash the curtains and wash the windows. The room will immediately become brighter and visually larger. In such a place even breathe much easier. Rearrange the furniture. Normal look of the den will immediately change, as if you moved into a new apartment. You can rearrange everything so it takes up more space. A couple of square meters for a musical instrument or an exercise machine even in a small apartment is quite realistic. Experience playing tetris here will obviously do you good.

As you can see, the question of what you can do in your free time is no longer so pressing. Sometimes you just have to force yourself to do something useful, so that you can then contemplate the fruits of your labor.

Romance for the other half Why not use your free time to give new feelings to an established relationship. A little attention never hurt the girl you love. How about a nice surprise and a passionate ending to the evening? If you do not know what to do in your spare time, take it to his beloved woman. Prepare a hot bath with essential oils and flower petals, light candles, uncork champagne. After all, are you a knight or what? The lady is clearly expecting from you if not a mammoth, then at least a tiny feat. Another very good option for a romantic pastime is dinner on the roof of the building. Or better yet, contact a suitable firm that provides lovers to rent a high-rise building. What people do not make money on. Get a massage. If your girlfriend goes to work every day (come to think of it, there are such too), then she will find such a gift the best continuation of the evening. She won’t have time to blink as a classic headache will turn into a light romantic mood. Use a special massage oil. No tired woman can resist a gentle touch combined with aromatic aphrodisiacs. If you think that your relationship began to slowly fade, add spice to them and show that you are still interested in the girl. No woman can resist the male initiative, aimed in the right direction.

Good deeds Volunteering is not just a popular trend among young people who like to flaunt their virtue. You can actually help people in need in your spare time. For example, ask an elderly neighbor to walk her dog or go to the grocery store. You don’t have to move mountains to do good deeds. It’s enough to start with the people around you.

Collect unwanted toys or baby clothes. Babies grow out of new clothes very quickly, so most families will find almost untouched items. All of this will really help orphanages or foundations that help families in difficult situations. If you don’t know what to do in your spare time, look out for people less fortunate. Every day there are thousands of fires across the country that cause families to lose their homes and all their possessions. You can be the one to help those in need by organizing fundraisers or fundraisers for basic necessities. Volunteering is not just about being nice and kind to people. If you love pets, help curate pets who are homeless and have no responsible owners. It doesn’t require a lot of money. The main thing is to give a roof over your head and warmth to furry friends left without the care of responsible people.

Renewing the closet When the question arises of what to do in your spare time, then it’s time to shop. Believe me, not only girls like to store. One smoky T-shirt, smeared with sauce for fries, combined with a parade shirt, left over from high school graduation, are not a complete closet of modern competitive man. It’s time to go shopping in search of a new stylish outfit for all occasions. If you have a girlfriend, let her participate in this sacred act. Believe me, it will be more than enjoyable. In addition, she will soberly evaluate from the side the chosen image. Agree that no sane lady would not walk next to a natural clown. Update the range of shoes. To replace the good sneakers should always have leather shoes for the weekend and summer breathable shoes. Don’t forget the winter option. In the cold, you’ll look like… an inadequate unreasonable creature in fall sneakers with lapels. And that’s putting it mildly.

Free time can be spent not only with pleasure, but also with tangible benefits. You should not spend it lying like a seal on the couch. It’s time to explore new heights, while others inexorably degrade.