What you need to know if you decide to stuff your sleeve

Fashions change, but tattoos remain. In today’s article, we will talk about the tattoo sleeve – a little history, expert advice, as well as the features of the popular and stylish tattoo

Since ancient times, tattoos have been worn by warriors to demonstrate their bravery or belonging to a particular tribe. Today, tattoos can be found not only among informal people, but also among office workers and people from other social spheres. This trend is not surprising, as people want to show their individuality and to stand out from the crowd.

Not so long ago, people preferred to apply small tattoos (dots). However, in recent times in fashion images covering certain parts of the body, for example, the entire arm. Such tattoos are called “sleeve”.

Even if the drawing is uncomplicated, the master who applies it must have experience, a wealth of knowledge and creativity, not to mention more complex images. The specialist must take into account the anatomical features of the limb and be able to create one overall harmonious composition. For padding the sleeve needs more than one session, so you need to arm yourself with patience and be prepared that the trips to the tattoo salon will be a series.

Themes and styles of tattoos can be completely different – Japanese style, cyborg arm and whatever your fantasy desires. According to experienced tattoo masters, the following styles will be suitable for the arm: new skool, graphics, chicano, biomechanics, as well as realism. The last option is especially popular, and it looks spectacular.

The sleeve can include both one sketch and several images, which are harmoniously combined into one.

The key features of the popular tattoo sleeve

Most often with the help of a tattoo sleeve people want to express their personality or to tell a story from life, to tell about some special period. Most often the sleeve is a colored image with one or more subjects on a certain background (fire, whirlwinds, water element, etc.).

Men do sleeves more often than girls. Such a tattoo can be applied not only on the arms, but also on the legs. Experts advise to choose large drawings, as in this case the images turn out bright and spectacular.

You can have both colored and black and white images. The second option is preferable for portraits, inscriptions or for the style of tribal. Quite often the masters add Japanese, Celtic or Scandinavian patterns to the tattoo. Sometimes a master on request of the client can be limited by addition in the form of lines. Colored ink is used to create images of fish, cetaceans, dragons or flowers.

There are several varieties of sleeve. Half – from shoulder to elbow or elbow to wrist. Full sleeve – from shoulder to wrist, in particular the forearm is covered. Sometimes the plot of the tattoo from the sleeve can gradually move to the back. Quarter – from the shoulder to the area above the elbow.

Competently performed tattoo on the arm demonstrates the uncommonness and bright personality of the owner. It also demonstrates the talent and skill of the master.

A bit of history

Previously, tattoo sleeves were the prerogative of Hollywood stars. However, now they are available to everyone. The main thing is to find a good master who will translate the desire into reality.

Initially, such tattoos were temporary and were intended for filming in the movies. The sleeves symbolized the unusualness of personalities and could even be a symbol of belonging to the underworld. A prime example of such a character is George Clooney in the film From Dusk Till Dawn.

Temporary sleeves are used even now, for example, to see and evaluate how the real tattoo will look like.

Sleeve tattoo – for extraordinary and expressive personalities

The sleeve will not go unnoticed. It attracts from the first sight and turns the hand into a beautiful work of art. It is an excellent choice for those who are not afraid to make bold decisions, lead an active lifestyle and strive to achieve their goals.

Sleeves are often padded by public figures to emphasize their individuality and stand out spectacularly from other people. Today there are not many original things and accessories to emphasize individuality. The sleeve is one of the win-win ways to do this.

Temporary tattoo sleeve solves a couple of issues at once

Specialty stores sell temporary tattoo sleeves. With their help, you can quickly and painlessly make a tattoo on your arm. You can change it at any time, and when you get tired of it – just stop wearing it.

The temporary accessory is safe and of high quality

The quality accessory is durable and safe. It stands up well to washing and contact with water. Its texture resembles that of stockings due to its pores and elasticity. Such a sleeve allows the skin to breathe and does not impair blood circulation.

Manufacturers use high-quality thin synthetic materials to manufacture the product. Patterns are applied with the help of resistant dyes.

Even when looking closely, the imitation is difficult to distinguish from the real tattoo. Therefore, the desired effect for yourself, your picture and the people around you will definitely be achieved.


The plot of the sleeve can tell about the life of the owner, be a talisman, a talisman, a totem animal. Among the images of animals, including mystical ones, animals that symbolize courage and bravery are popular: lions, dragons, tigers. People also apply portraits and abstract patterns.

Stuffing the sleeve or not?

As we said before, the sleeve is tattooed by people to emphasize their individuality. At the same time – it is one of the largest and most time-consuming tattoos. Before you apply a real tattoo, weigh all the pros and cons, think about whether she will not bore you in a few years.

It is also important to successfully choose a master. If the result does not meet expectations, to remove the sleeve will be almost impossible. It will have to be hidden under the sleeve of your clothes. When choosing a master, it is important to read his portfolio and customer reviews.

As a rule, the feature of the sleeve is the central image, which complements the rest. There are no peculiarities and specifics of the location of the tattoo – everyone decides for himself what area of the body it will occupy.

As we have already said, most often the sleeve is a single plot. But there are cases when several plots are little related to each other. Then the master has to combine several drawings to create a harmonious composition.

Options for men

There are no clear distinctions on female and male tattoos. But there is a tendency, which tattoos give preference to the stronger and weaker sex.

Men like images that represent strength and masculinity. Since ancient times, wars have decorated their bodies with tattoos. Men like to stuff strong animals, as well as Scandinavian, Japanese and Celtic patterns. In addition, biomechanics are popular, embodying technological progress.

Who does the sleeve suit?

Sleeves are loved by rock musicians, rap singers, extraordinary and creative people. It is important for the tattoo to match the style of clothing. Under the sleeve optimally suits the informal style of clothing.

Before you make a tattoo, you need to be confident in your decision and choose your design carefully. A large tattoo is very difficult to remove. Therefore, the approach to its application should be considered and deliberate.