What’s the right way to leave a tip?

There are different versions of where the tradition of leaving money “for tea” originated. The most famous one is English, according to which in England in the 18th century visitors to “tea gardens”, wishing to get a hot drink as soon as possible, encouraged the staff to pay extra money. Another version says that as early as the 16th century in Germany, young fellows who helped to draw water from wells and carry buckets to the house, were left with “drinking money” as a sign of gratitude. It is also believed that tips originated in America, where cowboys, visiting the bar, laid out on the table the amount they were willing to give the waiter for good service. Nowadays to express gratitude to the personnel in the service sector by paying extra money is accepted almost in all countries of the world. The following question arises: “To whom, where and how much should you tip? Who and how many tips are accepted to tip in Ukraine The tradition of leaving tips extends mainly to large restaurants and cafes. The size of the gratuity each guest sets independently, taking into account the level of service, friendliness of staff, atmosphere and quality of food, the norm is 10-15% of the check.

Some institutions include tips in the service cost automatically, but under the Ukrainian system of taxation most of these funds do not reach the waiters. In general, the guests leave “for a tip” 10%, rarely – 5%, and sometimes give even more than 10%. It also happens that customers want to leave a tip by card. Most institutions practice it only when the bill is large, otherwise they just refuse them – the bank’s commission percentage is not worth it. But it happens that visiting the institution again, guests leave double the tip. In elite restaurants it won’t be out of place to thank both the cook and the checkroom attendant. The situation is different in cocktail bars and nightclubs. Staff in such institutions receives large tips. If the barman could competently choose drinks for the guest, found a personal approach to him and paid enough attention, the “gratitude” can exceed even the sum of the bill. In nightclubs it is not the ability to make a great cocktail and entertain guests with jokes, but the speed of service that counts. Tip ranges from 5 to 20% of the bill, but since the number of guests is many times greater, the amount is comparable to a good night at the bar. Just in the first case, it is a work on quality and in the second – on quantity.

Ordering pizza, sushi, flowers or other goods at home, few people tip delivery service employees. But if the order was delivered on time, the pizza did not have time to cool, and the flowers did not wilt, the courier for the effort is customary to give tips ranging from 15 USD and above. Typically, financial gratitude is expressed and animators for the good mood, games and the atmosphere at various festivals and corporate parties. In beauty salons for the services paid, as a rule, at the reception. Clients who want to thank the master for his work, leave a tip of 10-20% of the amount in their office. Of course, the “tip” should be left in case the haircut is really well done.

It gives the master an opportunity to understand how his work was appreciated. You can also encourage with a tip a cab driver who “didn’t overcharge the meter,” helped to load the luggage and was polite to the passenger. It is not obligatory, but to tell a good driver “without change” is not a bad way to express gratitude for his courtesy. The amount of the tip depends only on the client’s generosity. In hotels, for room service, that is, the service and delivery of food to the room, the waiters are tipped very rarely – probably one in twenty. People mistakenly think that tips are included in the service charge. In addition, the level of service is difficult to assess in a few minutes. The same is true for maids who are responsible for replacing linens and toiletries, cleaning in the room.

Leaving tips for hotel personnel or not is always at guest’s discretion. If the client decides to express a little “gratitude,” you should not leave bills on the bed or table. The money will not be touched, because it is not clear whether it is a tip or whether the guest just forgot it. It is necessary to press the edge of the bill with a glass or ashtray, so that the client’s hint is understood. But some establishments and services do not approve of tips and any reward except gratitude from the client for a high level of service because there is a risk to consider it as a bribe. Employees of such companies receive obligatory training in order to maintain a high level of consciousness and awareness of bribery and corruption. Tipping in other countries of the world Unlike in Ukraine leaving tips is a common practice. If in a luxury establishment in the US a client won’t add 20-25% to the check, the staff will “reward” him with silent contempt. The only place Americans leave less than 15% is in small roadside cafes. Cab drivers are the best tippers in America; they are always given plenty for tips. Even in fast-food places it is accepted to tip $1 or $2.