WhatsApp has added a new feature for group chats

The developers of the popular WhatsApp messenger have added a new tool for group chat administrators. With the help of the new function, chat owners will be able to get rid of spam, obscene content and other negative messages.

It is about the ability of administrators to delete messages in group chats. Now if the owner deems it necessary to remove someone’s message, he can do it by long pressing on it. At the same time, everyone will see that the message was deleted by the administrator, and not by the person who sent it.

For now, the feature is available to a limited number of Android smartphone users. It is expected to be added to everyone soon.

WhatsApp is also testing a new proprietary bot. It will regularly send notifications about new messenger features. It will also give tips and recommendations for working with WhatsApp and automatically answer frequently asked questions.

Finally, the developers announced that the new version of the program has fixed bugs and improved performance.