WhatsApp Messenger has added an opportunity that everyone has been waiting for

Most of us are used to the fact that WhatsApp Messenger can be used on a PC only if the program is connected to the network on the phone. But, noting the lack of dissatisfaction with this topic, the developers have decided to correct this shortcoming and are now working on an update that allows you to go to your WhatsApp profile on your PC, without including mobile Internet on your phone.

First of all, you need to know in detail how the messenger was connected to a computer or laptop.

So, when a user of WhatsApp installed the program on the device, he first had to connect via his own smartphone and only then could start working in the messenger.

After that, you can not disconnect your gadget from the Internet, because in this case the login to the personal WhatsApp profile is automatically canceled.
That is, all messages and calls must pass through the program in the phone, and this is not convenient.

And the most amazing thing is that of all the modern messengers, only WhatsApp has a similar problem, although it was developed a long time ago, and in that time it could have been fixed a few years ago.

And so, recently, the developers of WhatsApp presented an updated application, where this shortcoming has finally disappeared. However, there are some nuances.

For example, it should first be noted that they have released a trial version of this messenger, and users are not yet free to work with this feature. This requires a lot of unnecessary and incomprehensible actions, such as becoming a member of the beta version of WhatsApp.

Of course, almost no one has such a desire, because it is too fancy and time consuming.

Surprisingly, after a while, some users noticed a button in theConnected Devicessection: “MultiDevice Beta.”

That is, by clicking on it, you will be able to become the owner of a trial version of WhatsApp without wasting time. But it is very inconspicuous, so some may not even pay attention to such an update.