When you can: 3 destinations that need tourism most

Right now, we don’t know when we can travel again, let alone where we can go. We can spend that time thinking about which places we will need to visit the most. Here are a few places to pay attention to (when we can).


Currently, the most affected countries in Europe are France, Italy and Spain. Greece is the country with the highest percentage of the population employed in tourism. Remember only all family hotels, which work in the peak season. Italy, however, deserves our support almost to a greater extent, as it will be difficult for it to return to a sustainable state only through agriculture.

The next problem is that, after the pandemic, the focus will be on nearby recreational areas, which will deprive us of funding for distant destinations whose economy is based on income from foreigners. Obviously, most of us will not focus on long-distance destinations, but we still need to find ways to support those who need it the most. And at the same time, discover a beautiful new place.

The Caribbean islands and the Indian Ocean

The islands in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean will be appealing to visitors. When you can go to the resort, choose Maldives, Seychelles, Anguilla or Aruba. While looking for a hotel, look for companies that consider their own impact on people, planet and economy.

Far away

If you are young, healthy and active, you may find ancient Ethiopian sights or beach huts in the Philippines attractive. If you can get there before it’s too late, it’s great. These are the countries that are most dependent on tourism.

In the list of destinations in need of tourism: Bangladesh, Bhutan and the last Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas, which need tourists, but they do not think so. As sustainable development expert Anna Lappe says: “Every time you spend money, you vote for the world you need. For now, we just have to look, wait and dream.