Where to go on a yacht: the most beautiful locations in the world

In this article we will tell you about the most beautiful places in the world, after visiting them emotions will go off the charts, and the impression will remain for life.

Both experienced and novice fans of yachting often wonder where to go on a cruise to ensure that it will remain in memory forever. To test your abilities while enjoying the amazing beauty of our planet, we have compiled a list of the best places for sailing.

Cape Town, South Africa

In the south-west of South Africa, at the foot of the Table Mountain, which is a real natural wonder, there is one of the most famous places for yachting in the Atlantic Ocean. Cape Town is an amazing city, where you can find absolutely everything. National natural parks, stores, bars, restaurants and clubs delight with their variety. Excellent service and pleasant prices are everywhere. Here live penguins, baboons, white sharks, tooth whales and other interesting animals. And sunny weather all year round makes cruises along the bays and bays near Cape Town even more pleasant.

Phang-nga Bay, Thailand

The bay with many thousands of years of history is located to the north-east of Phuket. Ancient rocks rising above water create special and unique atmosphere of this place. During the yacht cruise, you should anchor in this very part of the Andaman Sea.

Marquises, French Polynesia

The Marquesas Islands is a volcanic archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean. The water between these remote paradise islands and a little bit wild is a wonderful route for a cruise. The way there by sea is a real adventure that will be forever in your memory.

Archipelago of Fiji, Pacific Ocean

The South Pacific Ocean is famous for its crystal clear waters, so cruise yachts from all over the world flock here. Here you can take a break from your trip: walk along endless sandy beaches or scuba dive the reefs, amazed by the diversity of the underwater world of Fiji.

Bermuda Islands, Atlantic Ocean

This is a very popular destination in the North Atlantic. Besides yacht cruises, all kinds of races and competitions are also held here all year round. For those who like sailing, there are both lively routes to explore in groups, and secluded quiet parking lots, which will protect you from any weather. There is also an amazing fauna: rare species of birds, fish, and sea turtles can be found everywhere.

Tasmania Island, Australia

Sailing is very popular in Tasmania, there are high-class cruises. Anchorages conquer with their beauty and privacy, and unique flora and fauna simply amaze the imagination. This island-state has volcanic origin, so there are many rocks, mountains, rivers, and lakes, which are worth seeing for everyone.

Islands of the Holy Trinity, Australia

The archipelago consists of 74 islands, but most of them are uninhabited. Underwater swimming, yachting and other water sports are actively represented on the islands of Trinity. This place is ideal for exploring the Great Barrier Reef. It reliably protects the bays from the ocean zybes. With a constant moderate breeze, even a beginner is very comfortable to sail here, and it usually takes no more than two hours to get from one parking lot to another. You can also learn more about Australian aborigines’ life here, as well as their caves.

Madagascar, Indian Ocean

The largest island state in the world is also famous for its sailing. During a fascinating cruise, you should definitely visit the island itself to see how European, African, and Oriental cultures blend into a bright mix of colors, fragrances, and tastes. Here you can taste excellent cuisine and rum, dance well, find unusual souvenirs, hear rare dialects, and get acquainted with touching lemurs.

Chile, South America

Wild, untouched landscapes of Cape Horn, strong west wind, rains and cool waters of the Pacific Ocean create all conditions for a real adventure under sail. Here you can feel like a brave explorer of new lands. But the cruise will not be deprived of comfort, there are a lot of quiet parking lots, protected from winds. In addition to yachting, mountain tourism is developed on the southern coast of Chile. In winter months, snow-covered peaks of the Andes attract many fans of mountaineering.

Great Lakes, USA and Canada

This direction is considered one of the best for fresh water cruises. Each of the Great Lakes group is unique and different with its cruise sites, ports, rocky bays. For example, the North Bay of Georgia is an amazingly calm place, formed of ancient granite. Tectonic forces literally pushed it to the ground surface, and glaciers turned it into many parallel ridges that cover the bay for many kilometers. To get here can be difficult, but it is certainly worth the effort. But Fox Bay experienced yachtsmen advise to explore on a small boat, so that you do not have to constantly probe the bottom. In these deserted places, there are hundreds of dangerous rocky islands.

Antarctica, South Pole

For the most courageous and experienced yachtsmen the route along the Antarctic waters will suit. These severe icy places are untouched by civilization and are deserted. They are also ready to amaze with all kinds of natural records. Here, the height of land above sea level is almost 5000 meters. And 2.6,000 meters below sea level there is the Bentley Depression – the deepest in the world. The lowest air temperature was also recorded in Antarctica: minus 89.2 degrees Celsius. Antarctica is unique and will definitely impress anyone who is lucky to visit this place.

If you have never been on a yacht, be sure to try it if you have a chance. And if you have already practiced sailing, be sure to plan to go to one of these places. Such a trip will surely give you a lot of new impressions and vivid emotions.