While the competitor has problems. Instagram has launched its own analogue TikTok

Instagram launched an analogue of TikTok in the US against the background of the problems of the Chinese video service in the US market.

On August 5, Facebook launched its own analogue TikTok inside the Instagram program. This was reported in the blog of the social network.

A video service called Reels has become available to users in the United States and 50 other countries, but in which exactly – is not specified. This can only be the case where Facebook has the rights to use music. Users from countries where music is not available on Instagram will only be able to watch videos, but will not be able to create them.

In Reels, users will be able to create a 15-second video using various visual effects, combine previously created videos and create videos using a countdown. Videos can be published in the Instagram feed and in the story.

Facebook has launched an analogue of TikTok amid threats to block the Chinese service in the United States and the possible acquisition of American business TikTok by Microsoft.

According to Reuters, the launch of Reels intensifies fierce competition between Facebook and TikTok, each of which is fighting for the attention of American teenagers.

The company has been testing the Reels service in Brazil since November last year. In June this year, the service also earned in France and Germany. Reels plans to launch Reels globally in mid-July 2020. The Wall Street Journal later reported, citing informed sources, that Instagram had offered popular TikTok bloggers “hundreds of thousands of dollars” for moving to Reels.