Who do the gentlemen prefer?

Who do the men of our time choose? What do the heroes of the stone jungle pay attention to? Gentlemen of the middle of the last century, as we know, preferred blondes. Who do the men of our time choose? What are the criteria for selection in modern society? What pay attention to the heroes of the stone jungle?

Undoubtedly, the most important factor is appearance. That is, the mind, charm, skill in bed do not play a minor role, but … in order to initially attract attention it is necessary to be bright or vice versa – completely inconspicuous, a kind of gray mouse. Some people find it easier to approach a girl who does not have a model’s appearance. They believe that it will be easier with her, and she will not make a list of conditions and demands.

So, the first and most important thing is the cover: the way we present ourselves (the sum of the kilos, the make-up, and the labels).

Then, as with any cover, the content follows. I think that contemplating beauty is beautiful and pleasant, but … (but again!) Here the most important thing with it (i.e. with the content) is not to go too far, I want to say this phrase, but why?

How many times have told my mother, grandmother, experienced neighbor, colleague at work (just an endless list may turn out), how many times advised the books and magazines as the right way to behave with men in this or that situation?

And talk your silly them not to bore, and not to be too silent or boring (in no case can not show that you can be smarter, keep it like a partisan secret package). The natural question arises: why? Why do all this? To then cry all his life that you are not what he used to consider you? Is it really a crime to be yourself?

Then the attention of the stronger sex is scattered and slides along the curves of the forms. And then a moral, ethical question arises: on what date can I already kiss (have sex)? Would I seem too available/unavailable? Do men really engage in self-abuse and constant reflection? And who can define moral and behavioral standards for us and why should we follow anyone else’s rules?

There is an opinion that men do not like too successful women. Should we pretend to be unsuccessful?

How to meet the criteria for selection and not to lose yourself?