Who women get to know. A man’s perspective

What is the ideal man? Tall, handsome, macho by all accounts, a non-drinker, a non-smoker, a successful businessman, and a god in bed. Moreover, these qualities are listed by women who are looking for a husband and a lover. And look around, who are these same women falling in love with? And after that, don’t believe in the existence of female logic…

And men, especially those rich, handsome men with great sexual experience, do not understand this choice. Women themselves do not understand it either, and, contrary to their own reasoning, they sometimes prefer individuals who are completely worthless.

And one and the same woman, talking about men’s virtues, today will list some, a month later her opinion will be corrected, and ten years later the list will be completely different. And the beauties fall in love not because of their own declared priorities, but sometimes in spite of them. They do not know why.

But let’s try to figure out at least the most common reasons.

A woman loves with her ears

In fact, not with her ears, in fact, a woman loves herself. And at the same time and the one who shares this love. Well, or at least says that she does. That is why the good half of women are bought by beautiful words about her, the most beautiful, and what exactly for her, my love, a man is ready to do. And if the compliments and promises are convincing, then the fizzled out men will no longer matter in principle. But to learn one text and use it in all cases will not work. Women are different and want to hear different things. So you just need to have a decent vocabulary and a sense of what and who to say. And in order to quickly find himself in her bed – you need to talk enthusiastically about what you’re there to do to her. But when you got there – you need to prove your words with deeds. Women will forgive any lies, except lies about sexual possibilities.

Evaluate with her eyes

Fall in love with the picture – not a male prerogative. One-third of women turn their attention specifically to a handsome, sexy man. But with age, the emphasis shifts significantly. Young girls are attracted by a pretty face, and only afterwards they pay attention to the figure and in the very last turn to the hump in the codpiece area. But older ladies assess the attractiveness of men in exactly the opposite order. And if men can be easily misled by push-up bras, makeup and other accessories, the inquisitive female gaze cannot be deceived. And even if a superficial assessment of men’s appearance is flawless, women have a few more tests that can reject the usual handsome man, but appreciate the homely-looking little fellow. Men’s logic do not understand this.

They test by touch

And this usually happens in the dance. Based on a man, allowing himself to lead and control himself, instinctively a woman evaluates the physical capabilities of the new acquaintance, his strength and reliability. And decides whether to continue the acquaintance. Men, to their belated regret, often do not attach the same importance to dancing as it is for women. And yet, gallantly shaking hands with ladies when she got in the car or got off the trolley, you not only show yourself as the gentleman, but also give yourself the opportunity to appreciate as a strong man. And you just need to gently, but firmly squeeze her hand in his – this will save you a third of the time to talk and courting, not to mention the fact that the very manifestation of the gallantry of women sets up a romantic mood. A man’s body is designed for women’s touch – so give them the opportunity to touch, and a woman will not fail to take advantage of it, even if for this she will have to get to know you better.


The male sense of smell divides all odors into two kinds: those that smell and those that stink. Women’s is much more sensitive, and a tenth of women choose their men by smell, guided by an ancient and wise instinct. And even if a man is ugly and does not fit any of the parameters – it will be enough to smell right in order to seduce and charm a woman. Men need to know that a woman draws attention to the smell as her “second look”. And a man with a special natural smell is always an object of close attention, even in absentia. Only do not confuse the smell with the ambre of three-day sweat and unwashed genitals – these scents, of course, the most that neither is natural, but discouraging. It is a mistake to think that, a couple of days without washing, a man becomes animal attraction to the opposite sex. Animal smell, yes, but attraction – definitely not. A real man’s scent should be fresh. Although some men rush to the other extreme – not only wash incessantly, but pour liters of cologne, clogging their own natural scents, which they consider too pungent.

Objects for dating among men

We have already heard about the qualities of the prince that beautiful ladies are looking for all their lives. But with whom they communicate in real life – the question is ambiguous. And the choice is up to the woman, although she pretends to have allowed herself to be conquered. Well, or not allowed. So who do women choose?


Surprisingly, there are either heroines or fools who spend the best years of their lives, and at the same time nerves and money, to get their man out of the alcoholic fog. I guess they believe that in the skin of a monster somewhere deep lives an enchanted prince, which only she is able to un-enchant. And initially they are even sure that after the wedding they will re-educate him. And then the only thing keeping them in such a marriage is a martyr’s crown, which someone has to appreciate – only it’s not clear who. Or a hypertrophied sense of duty keeps them from throwing out a man who is already sucked up like a leech.


Of course, women will resent such an assumption – but life throws up examples of such marriages all over the place. Not surprisingly, these types are able to ingratiate themselves with even the most rabid feminist. And they base their activities on the usual psychological complex – the more self-confident lady, the easier she baits the hook of flattery of the most attractive and masculine men in her entourage. Especially since all his girlfriends are already crazy about him and turn green with envy. Professional alphonse perfectly and effortlessly live their lives, jumping from one breadwinner to another, taking advantage of a woman’s inexhaustible kindness and stupidity.

This type is worse than an alphonse in that he does not even try to please his woman. And why – she loves him anyway, works like a hard laborer, and at the same time she raises her children and carries bunches from the store to feed her beloved. His role is to lie picturesquely on the couch and yell. This is the perfect man for a masochist.


Men who believe in something great, light and eternal. And with glowing eyes preach it on every corner. The Mary-Magdalene complex has not been canceled. Women, who are fed up with the emptiness of everyday life, very often fall in love with such a crystal clear soul. The main thing is that this soul did not turn out to be the leader of some sect. Then it’s better to be an alphonse.

Fucking terrorists

This nickname, either in revenge or suffering from sweet memories, was invented by women. Culturally speaking, it’s men who love women. All of them. Admiring today one, they immediately forget about yesterday. But their admiration is again sincere. And he is again bursting with desire, and not to come to his passionate call is simply impossible. And what’s most interesting, he does not lie, explaining his love today to the next lady of his heart – he really wants her ardently and gives it all to the ground. And women sense and appreciate this. And even if the meetings quickly ended – but in the chest remains warmth, and in the places below – the experience. “He wooed and abandoned me, but how he wooed me!” – dreamily recalls each of them.


It is in such men, who have passed since their youth the harsh school of life, courageously endured camps and zones, that women see the opposite of those who are so pampered by the comfortable conditions of life that they themselves have already begun to turn into women. And the knights of the high road, singing the romance of the criminal world, so much and so richly can talk about the loud, risky deeds that only a real man can do. They are lustful males, for whom women are sexual playthings, but in sex they are as powerful as they are in gangster disputes. At least, that’s what they say. Naturally, these types attract ladies who don’t want to bother with their brains, but agree to submit to a man strong and farcical. And the romanticism of the mysterious life of a persona non grata attracts girls from good families, with the right, but so boring upbringing.


Women who are guided by natural instincts rather than reason in choosing a sexual partner rarely choose nerds – that is, those who have sacrificed physical abilities to the mental. But that’s only if he has never been able to apply his mental faculties anywhere. But if he has loving and wealthy parents, or if his independent development is quite worthy of a Nobel Prize, then the interest of the fair sex increases exponentially. And those representatives, who also are not blessed with brains, see potential husbands in promising bespectacled men – because they have a comfortable financial future. But it is unlikely that a sneak in glasses with large dioptres, who can only talk about his quantum physics, will cause someone’s physical desire.

Gay Men

Very often gay men are easy-going, homely, and economical. In addition, by trying to compensate for their social inferiority, they often achieve greater heights in society than their hetero counterparts. But not everyone can openly admit their sexual preferences, which is why they need a screen in the form of a wife. And a woman in exchange gets a house-full bowl and absolute sexual freedom. And some even fall in love with gay men, in the hope that only their unique sexuality will open that man’s world of women.


The wider a man’s shoulders, the more powerful the back of his head, the heavier the walk – the cooler he is. He can do anything in this life – because he is great and mighty. So, at least, think a lot of teenage girls for whom visible physical differences – a guarantee of success in life. And it doesn’t matter that the muscles are full of steroids and will collapse from a couple of skillful punches. It doesn’t matter that the brain there has long since shrunk and dangled in his skull, causing headaches. This guy is the model of male strength. And the fact that this guy has no prospects is not something that anyone can see, especially someone who also has a lot of brains.


The guys who were taught by their mother that sex is bad, that it is dirty and only mean boys do it, and they are bound to be punished. And these guys grow up to be grown-ups, with the firm conviction that women should be shunned, because they are the cause of all the evil in the world. But that doesn’t stop women. Especially those with enough experience for two or even more. While other guys were chasing skirts, our heroes, encouraged by the same mother, reached the social and financial heights and became a tidbit for the mother hunter. And become her support and means of maintenance, a domestic work force, at the worst. It’s easy to fool the head of such an individual.

Married men

Some women prefer to deal with married men. They have an advantage for those who are not going to get married and do not plan a long, serious relationship. Non-committal communication, including sexual, suits both, especially since the man does not require special attention and care, but only sex. And this is a dream of a free woman. And if you met a worthy exemplar, you can try to repel him, especially since his marriage, judging by all appearances, is already bursting at the seams.


If someone gets acquainted in order to talk about jazz, someone to exchange recipes for pies with cherries, this category of women get acquainted in order to get a drive from the passionate, amorous adventures, drama, and beautiful words, where sex is a logical continuation. The purpose of this dating is to dispel the boredom and drabness of life. True, men sometimes fall for this trick and begin to believe in love, and in vain.


Children of wealthy parents, movie and pop stars, heroes (but this is rare) – these are the categories of men, always attracting women’s attention. Not the least role here is played by money, which is an integral part of the image of these people, and any woman instinctively looks for a man who can provide for her. But no less is a woman attracted to the aura of chosenness, involvement in big business, a big screen or a great feat. In doing so, she confirms her exclusivity.


These kinds of boys with moist, otherworldly eyes, a flouncy demeanor and the appearance of permissiveness are usually biting teenage girls, who, in accordance with adolescent maximalism, protest against the strain of school and the domination of parents. Trying to prove their adulthood, they reach out to the big and tough guys who understand their opposition to the whole world, a world so black that it is not worth living in. Drugs are a sweet, trendy prohibition. And a guy with an explosive personality is a role model. Only it is a long and painful experience of growing up that you will have to pay for.


Girls are attracted to such men either because they did not get enough paternal affection as children, or because they want to get more money without having to work hard at it. Or both at once. But it is necessary to notice that such relations will grow into long if the girl will have something to give to the adult uncle in return, except sex.

Older Men

Unlike the daddy, the old man takes a passive position and becomes a victim of the marriage scam. If the relationship with the old man is based on some semblance of equality, the old man falls under the sexual influence, and there may be no sex at all. He is simply tricked for money, and even the money may not be the same as the daddy’s.

Sweet boys

Mature men aren’t the only ones who adore Lolita. Male nymphets are extremely appealing to the experienced lady as well. And especially the delight and attention with which they will follow her every move. Looking at the young body, a woman and herself begins to feel so about thirty years younger. Endorphins along with adrenaline bubbling in the blood. And the woman is more active in life, the higher her status, the more attractive to her young Adonis.


When a boy grows up, but still remains a boy, he passes into the category of dummies. And no matter how old his passport says he is, if he only starts trying to enter into relationships with women, he’s a teapot. You can’t say that this type is popular, but there are women who are willing to do this. Some ladies are even proud of the fact that they gave a young fighter course to forty-year-old bearded man. But the teapots get married easily, probably out of gratitude.

Hard workers

They are already working hard and are ready to work further for the benefit of their family. In a sweatshirt covered with oil, with a crescent wrench in his hands, with a special understanding of the working pride and honor – there is something attractive in this image. Especially if the man will toil and not open his mouth to hide his three grades of education.

There are many men who are difficult to categorize as one type or another in a pure form, because it is inherent in man to change. And so there are many intermediate species, as well as individuals obtained by the fusion of two or more types. But the interesting thing is that there is no species that is completely lost to sex. Because there are no women’s complexes, oddities, or weaknesses.