Whom do gentlemen prefer?

I read the latest topics and can’t stop wondering: why, well, why do some girls think that having a beautiful appearance is a guarantee of success and a happy personal life? Success – can be, but only if there is a desire to make a career in film, modeling, etc. But how it can help in his personal life – a mystery. First of all, if only because the concept of beauty is very abstract. A man who likes women like Marilyn Monroe is unlikely to find a woman like Greta Garbo beautiful, and vice versa. And then how can plastic surgery help with that? Well, a girl can have puffy lips, an upturned nose, a bust of size 4 – and the man of dreams, maybe, likes refined “aristocrats”…? And if a man falls in love, will change his preferences, so why do we need all this at all?

Also, a lot depends on the ability to present themselves. Other times you look at a girl who has zero beauty. But she is well-groomed, stylishly dressed, sure that she is attractive and people around her perceive it as well, men turn their heads after her. And on the modestly dressed beauty may well not pay attention.
We can argue for a long time about how beautiful women live well, but most of the problems are not in appearance – in the head.