Why are you not lucky with girls?

When all the girls are constantly unlucky, but it’s not about them, it’s about you. Why can’t you do anything right with the fair sex when other men are basking in women’s attention? You just don’t know how to deal with girls. Knowing how to relate to the beautiful sex doesn’t happen right away. Some people subconsciously manage to win “victories” over girls, while others have silence on the love front. All girls are unique, but in reality 90% of girls have the same keys to approach them. How do you learn how to communicate with girls and start enjoying them? You just make a couple of ruinous mistakes.

Why no luck with girls?

  1. The importance of the girl

Why no luck with girls? In most cases, if a guy has no luck with girls, the reason lies in low self-esteem. When a man meets a beautiful girl he begins to feel complex, even if he considers her attractive only. All girls are special “princesses” that a man wants? Deciding that the girl is better than him, the man condemns himself to the torments of the relationship. By overestimating a woman’s worth and underestimating his own, a man becomes a loser who can’t handle a girl. Feminists have long achieved gender equality, and now you begin to consider yourself a second-class man, after women. You’re as good as the girl and better than the girl. If you think a girl is better than you, but don’t even go near her.

  1. Deflection in front of a girl

Why can’t you have any luck with girls? Does a guy make a frightened fuss in front of a girl, addresses her as “you”, asks a lot of questions, asks permission, apologizes for every little thing? This is the behavior of wimps, not males. A girl immediately begins to doubt her partner’s masculinity. Does the guy run on his hind legs in front of the girl? Wondering where they can go? He asks permission to kiss the girl? Gives her gifts and fulfills every whim? The deflection is defended, but as a man’s loss. Welcome, at best, to the friendzone and the bench.

  1. Weakness in front of a girl

Why no luck with girls? A man doesn’t believe in himself and gives up before his time. A girl says she has a boyfriend? This could be a joke or an attempt to test his persistence. And the weak man already gives up and runs away, giving other men a chance to nail this girl.

A man does not show his desires, but only fulfills the woman’s? A man doesn’t lay claim to a female, but waits for her to realize how good he is? That’s what the louts do, and the girls only sleep with the real males.