Why being a tourist in your own city is great

Summer is already on the doorstep and in many cities warm days are only coming. If because of the weather or other reasons you haven’t had time to go for a walk for the May holidays (or maybe you’re just looking for an unusual idea how to spend the weekend) – we have a great offer. Be a tourist in your hometown!

“What’s so interesting about that?” – You will ask. It seems that it is not easy to find new places where you live and, in the city, where you live. Based on this, most people at the weekend seek to escape to the neighboring city or nature. These are also wonderful options. However, as practice shows, many people do not know their native city very well. Moving all the time on the same “work-house” route, people do not even suspect that they have amazing sights nearby and just places to go for a walk.

Often visitors know more about the interesting places of the city than its residents. And there is a simple explanation for this. A tourist is always set on discoveries, he does not look at the city in the same way as its inhabitant, and notices much more details even in one or two days. Try to imagine yourself as a tourist and rediscover the familiar places. Believe me – you can look at the same area from completely different angles. And we will tell you how to do it.


Go on a tour

Each big city has many excursion routes. And the easiest way to learn more about it is to take a tour. You can find interesting offers both on the Internet and just by going on a weekend to the very center of the city: you will be immediately approached by a few people with leaflets – it remains only to choose your taste. It can be a sightseeing tour around the main sights, thematic – on historical sites, the best bars, monuments of certain architecture. Or even in quite ordinary locations, about which you will be told unusual stories. On excursion it is possible to go to one, with the other half or a group of friends.

You can object, why pay the guide, when you can trust Google and go to the same places, reading / listening to information online. In fact, there are a couple of reasons to choose a professional guide. First, he will be a gifted storyteller who knows a lot of information and will share it interestingly, because this is his profession (to choose exactly this, it is worth reading the reviews on the Internet). Secondly, guides usually have access to places where it is difficult to get yourself, or just do not guess that there is something interesting. They agree with the owners of private property, military and secret facilities, factories and other locations where a person can not just walk. And, thirdly – an experienced guide, as well as a company of real tourists, will help you fully feel like a tourist and see the walk from a different angle.

Another option: to organize a hike to interesting places without a guide, but in the company of strangers. For this purpose, you can find interest groups on social networks. Visitors of such groups agree about walks on the most various routes and exchange fascinating facts and stories about the city. Take advantage, for example, of Couchsurfing. There you can not only find company for walks, but also free accommodation in another city. Users of the resource offer tourists to stay with them, and then go to visit new acquaintances – so save money in traveling and make friends. But before you agree to take a walk together, have a little chat with people to see if you like their company.


Make your own route

If you decide to go out alone or only with your loved ones, still prepare for it as a tourist. After all, in trips you always plan the route in advance, add seats in the “favorite” on the maps, choose comfortable shoes for walking and so on. Approach the planning of the walk as responsibly, up to the appointment of the exact date and time. Choosing a day is important in order not to give yourself the opportunity to deviate from the plan. Imagine waking up in the morning on a long-awaited day off, with a whole day off ahead. If there is no clear plan, you will think that interesting places will not go anywhere, while you can lie down or play online games. So quietly comes the evening, and you will not get new impressions. When the day is painted on the minutes, it is much easier to make yourself leave the apartment for the sake of “date” with your hometown.

And preparing for this day and making a route is an exciting activity in itself. Anticipation of adventure often cheers you up as much as they do. To begin with, think about what places you are more interested in: beautiful buildings, historical monuments, museums, unusual cuisine, parks. Then look for such places on the Internet, ask your friends. Group those of them that are close to each other, and think about how you’d better move between them. If there are so many locations in different parts of the city – even better! This way you can plan several excursions at once. And if, for example, on a planned day the weather for a walk in the park is inappropriate, you will be helped by a thematic cafe or museum.

Act like a real tourist

So you went for a walk. To make sure she brought new emotions and memories, try to behave as if you really are a tourist in an unfamiliar city. For this purpose:

  1. Don’t be in a hurry.

We get used to walking fast, hurrying to do business, and only on vacation we allow ourselves to walk leisurely. You need to achieve this effect: to go quietly, to consider everything around, if necessary – to stop near some object, to study it, to take a photo.


  1. Don’t be shy

If you don’t know the way or want to be photographed against a beautiful backdrop, don’t hesitate to ask for help from passers-by. Remember, you are always glad to help a tourist. Friendly communication with strangers charges positive emotions, and sometimes helps to find new acquaintances.


  1. Do not limit yourself

If you want to break the plan and go to a new cafe instead of a park, or choose another museum, let yourself do it. After all, the purpose of the walk – a good mood and experience, not a “tick” in the plan.


Make the routine unusual

You can get emotions like from a real trip on a normal day, if you just change the usual routine a little bit. For example, on a certain day you invite your friends to watch football and always order pizza from the same delivery service. Next time you offer to go to a newly opened sports bar or go to a restaurant with a completely unusual cuisine before watching it. Or you have the tradition of having a barbecue in the backyard. Change it and go to a park you’ve never been in before. If you go to the same beach in the summer, try visiting the different water bodies around you. You can also choose a new route for a walk with your dog.

In short, introduce diversity into the usual affairs and if possible, visit new places. And then you will be more often overwhelmed with positive emotions. Besides, it is extremely simple and budgetary variant in comparison with travel to other country.