Why do guys and men leave the best women?

In the modern world, the phenomenon of family breakdown is absolutely not rare and not exclusive, unfortunately, on the contrary, such cases are quite common, and the initiative is the same, both on the part of women and men.

Everybody experiences such an event in their lives in different ways: someone beats hysterical and watering his half with dirt, someone silently collects things and leaves, and someone closes in himself. Anyway, no one is insured from the departure of a husband or wife, so this very painful and unpleasant event in your life you have to fight or accept and live on, everything depends on the specific situation.

Why did he leave?

For some reason, there is a fairly well-established stereotype that men are insidious and cunning, that they are ready to drag for the first skirt, and then escape from the care of their annoying wife to the first bust of size 4.

Contrary to this, men quickly get used to caring and cozy, they like clean and ironed shirts, delicious food and clean bed, so they part with all this treasure quite reluctantly.

So, if it happened that a man finally got together and left, it suggests that he probably went to this decision for a very long time, thought about his rear and decided that it was more expensive for him. Unlike women, they are much less likely to make such decisions based on emotions, giving in to bursts and bursts of energy.

In order to understand why men are leaving their women, not enough offensive words and stereotypical opinion, it is necessary to analyze the situation, to characterize their own and his behavior, and only then, maybe, something will become clear. Why else would you torture yourself with this?

You may well ask such a question, but the answer is simple, once you understand it, you will not make past mistakes again, and you may well be able to fix everything in your almost ruined relationship.

After all, the legal spouses once were a loving couple, so having scattered, often begin to get bored and look for ways to get your half back, the main thing is not to miss this important moment.

Why do husbands leave women?

Among the fine half of society, there is a quite common opinion that if a man leaves his family, there is a 99.9% probability that another woman is involved. Of course, such cases also occur, but if we believe the statistics, they are not as frequent as it may seem, on the contrary. But if it really happened that he fell in love with another woman, then it’s already quite serious and most likely, without much chance to change anything from his ex-wife or girlfriend. Such a gap is the hardest to survive, it hurts most of all the woman’s heart and ego, but where to go, even from such a situation you need to get out with your head held high. But if there is a mistress involved, then the husband’s departure from his wife does not always promise a place to be, because most often such women are just a passing hobby in their lives. If, of course, the wife herself wants to keep the family after the disclosure of such a thing.

It also happens that after a few years, the husband and wife realize that their goals and aspirations in life do not coincide at all, seemingly together, and all their life went to different victories, which simply interfere with each other. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to maintain relations, even if they are strengthened by children and a rather rich joint household, and, most likely, they are simply doomed to disintegration. So next time, be more prudent when choosing a partner.

And if a woman has become quite uninteresting? And here it does not matter at all: in sex, in conversations, in attitude to life or in anything else. A man will never live with someone who has all the values – women’s magazines and a sea of new things, and evenings are held under his favorite TV show or with friends in a nearby cafe. Yes, for a few nights or even months may fit and pacifier, everything depends on the plans of the man, but for a long relationship they are looking for smart and, more precisely, wise women who will be able to support the conversation in the right situation, surprise with their knowledge in various fields. But, by the way, there is also no need to overdo it, too smart signs, who know more than a dozen times their husband, men also do not like.

Men, though not too bothering about appearance, but still love them with their eyes, so when a woman, over time, stopped watching for herself, cuts through the house in a stretched shirt, absolutely not to make up and barely collects a bad resemblance to the pounding on his head, it does not lead to anything good. Most likely, the man will simply find one that always smells nice and looks good, it is unlikely that he will make constant comments to his wife on this issue.

Again, the reasons for a man leaving the family may be very different, but one of the most common is that a man does not want to go home because of the heavy atmosphere in the house. Giving in to daily problems and fuss, people themselves do not notice that they stop smiling and communicating, they are constantly in a hurry, busy, concerned, problems just above the head! Do not forget that your soulmate always needs attention, a warm smile when meeting with work and a delicious dinner. Try, as much as possible, to stay in a positive state of mind, who knows, maybe for him you are so much loved and appreciated.

It also happens that once very close and loving people become completely strangers, they begin to irritate each other, in the house you hear constant quarrels and scandals that simply grow out of nothing, from nothing, and it is impossible to solve them. In this case, you should try to find the source of irritation, to talk honestly with your husband, of course, at the right moment, without screams and hysterics, think about what you can change. What compromises are you ready to make to establish your relationship, and they should not be one-sided. If you are ready to fight, there is still a chance to save the family, or maybe you just make a mutual decision about the break, calm and balanced, which is likely to be right. Why torture yourself and other people every day, it is easier to get sick once and start life again, only with another person.

How to survive the departure of a man?

No matter how much you fight, no matter how difficult it is to find out the relationship and the gap, a woman must always preserve her dignity, and not to sink to the level of insults and nasty words towards her man.

It is not enough how life will turn out, suddenly you want to return it, and after serious insults you are unlikely to succeed. Be civilized people, try to keep, if not friendly, at least good relations.

The most important thing in such a situation is not to forget about yourself – perfect hairstyle, clothes and general appearance.

Such behavior will always raise your mood, cause envy of your ex-husband, as well as attract interested views of other men. And remember, whatever happens, it is not the end of the world, and what is not done, it is always for the best!