Why doesn’t success come? 72 hours for change

Your life will change in 72 hours. Do you try to do something in your life, read stories of successful people and like wise quotes from famous people? But success is as far away as before, and your dreams do not come true? You go the wrong road, where you can meet good luck. In this article you will find the answer, and you can change your life in just 72 hours or three days. “Learn while others are sleeping, work while others are resting, be ready while others are relaxing and dream while others are crying.

William Arthur Ward What a wise quote about success will you say, put on your social networking page and go further. You’ve read it, found the quote beautiful, a little inspired and forgotten. No matter how many wise quotes you read, success stories and interesting facts, but all this is useless. Reading the wisdom and experience of others will not change you as you want. There will be no palaces, success and admiration of other people. Why not? This is all a superficial study of the foundations of success, which has nothing to do with real achievements. Are you waiting for the moment when everything will work out? Are you sluggishly trying to do something, learning a foreign language, reading “Forbes”, sometimes doing sports and making periodic attempts to achieve something? Why does not success come, you are highly motivated and ready for it? It’s time to admit that all this does not work and is also a demotivation to something really important. If you want to get something you’ve never had, then you have to do something you’ve never done.

Why luck and success do not come if you are ready? Wise quotes and success stories from others do not help until you survive them yourself. There is nothing for luck until you try it with your own hands and head. You need an in-depth experience, which is the basis of a quote or a story of someone else’s luck, and this is not the case. Nothing will affect you until you begin to experience it yourself. Reading about the cool banker Oleg Tinkov, you should do your own business to better understand it.

Reading about the IT entrepreneur Pavel Durov – you need to do your own business in this area. Reading about the founder of “Amazon” Jeff Bezos – you need to have an online store and trade yourself. Admiring the founder of “Microsoft” Bill Gates – you need to do something similar yourself. Why can’t we do anything by reading others’ experiences? Why isn’t success coming? The whole reason lies in the fact that you read a pure theory that is detached from your real practice. Often, people take the view that they are far away from them and their interests, and can’t be applied in life. Most of the knowledge and information that you get is completely meaningless to you. They are wise, interesting and motivating, but then what? All the absorbed information has nothing of value until you apply it in your real life.

This is wise, good, interesting, exciting and correct, but what next? When reading any story, attending any seminar, listening to any lecture and admiring any wise quote, always ask yourself a question that will bring you down to real earth. What do you need to ask yourself? Ask yourself the question: “How can I use this and what can I do? What have I learned from this and how will I apply it today? ” Nothing works until you learn to salt a quote, story, book, article, wisdom. When reading, watching or listening, always ask yourself how you can use it. Interesting and wise thoughts are good, but how do you apply them to your life? What are you going to do now? Any absorbed information must be applied in practice, otherwise there is no sense in it. After any valuable information, always ask yourself the question: “What needs to be done?” Otherwise, all information, reading, viewing or listening was meaningless.

Why dreams do not come true and how to give them a start in 72 hours? Most of our lives we will dream and fantasize, but all of this will remain in our imaginary world. Our inner fantasy world is beautiful, but wouldn’t you like to make it real? Why do not success and dreams come? You do not start to act. German writer and financial trainer Bodo Schäfer said: “If you decide to do something, but don’t start it within 72 hours, then in 85% of cases you will never do it. Wise quote? What does this expression say? That you should always start acting as early as possible. All motivation and fervor go away quickly, as well as the desire to change everything.

If you have learned and decided to change something, you must act immediately. Within 72 hours you should make the first steps to your dream. How can it look like? Make a detailed plan to achieve the goal, and then begin to implement it no later than 72 hours. Find the right information and knowledge, and then start using it immediately. Find the right courses and sign up for them to make the process of change go ahead. Try something new and interesting that you have wanted or have not even planned for a long time. Make a commitment to do something and do it, then get started. What does 72 hours rule say? What you should either do or throw away immediately. Why does success not come to the majority of people? They put everything aside for later and tomorrow. They will do it, but then. They miss their 72 hours, or they act very sluggishly and inertly. As a result, dreams remain dreams, and depression and negativity increase. You finished the article until the very end. Well done. Now I have one question to you: “What will you do? Give yourself an answer. You only have 72 hours to start. The time has gone by.