Why networking is 99% beneficial and how it can help you in your career

Networking is an absolutely necessary thing for any professional. Officials, businessmen, and freelancers need it. By communicating and interacting with the right people, you significantly increase your chances for career growth. So how do you build this communication?

Today, the fashionable English word is called the old as the world concept – the creation of a circle of dating, which will be useful not only in the personal but also professional sphere. All previous generations have tried to make friends at work and get useful connections. And with the spread of the Internet, it became even easier and more accessible. Therefore, the term “networking” appeared, as well as its rules, which we have collected in this article.

Features of networking

This is not just a search for friends and like-minded people. Networking is commonly referred to as communication with experts in the right field. The wider the circle of acquaintances, the more fresh ideas, valuable experience and career opportunities you can get. Someone will give valuable advice, and someone will offer an interesting project.

The key role here is not the fact of acquaintance, but your professionalism. By showing your skills and potential to others, you increase your chances of being noticed, trusted and recommended by others. Networking is a simple way to create a good business reputation, to find a dream job or to realize yourself in your favorite business.

You can look for new acquaintances anywhere. But most often they take place at business events or in social networks. The Internet allows you to find the right people in all parts of the world, which makes networking opportunities simply limitless. It is used not only by individual specialists. Large companies also constantly monitor the Network in order to find potential partners and attract new investors.

Advantages of Networking

In addition to broad possibilities, useful connections provide other advantages. All these advantages in one way or another provide career growth. First, you become more sociable and self-confident. The need to find new people and initiate communication makes you leave the comfort zone.

Secondly, by communicating with different people, you adopt their experience, are inspired by success and learn something new. The right environment always keeps you toned and does not let you fold your hands, even if you face difficulties. In addition, one of the new acquaintances will definitely give you a good solution or help you. And by helping others in return, you become more responsive yourself. It’s always nice to feel needed and useful.

Even if you initially start networking with one goal, you can get another, unexpected result. For example, you were looking for an assistant for a boring project, but found an interesting prestigious and highly paid job. A wide range of communication will help you to understand your self-determination and your own ambitions. You need to introduce yourself to a person so that he would immediately understand what you do and what your strengths are. This teaches you to soberly assess yourself and your activity.

Finally, you never know which of your casual acquaintances will become your real friend. Networking is a great start for friendship, because you initially have similar interests, goals and aspirations. Healthy competition will never be superfluous either.

How does networking work?

There are three main ways of networking:

On the Internet

The most convenient and affordable option. Today all self-respecting companies and specialists have a page in at least one social network. On the World Wide Web you can find a huge number of valuable contacts. Visit thematic groups and forums, job search exchanges, subscribe to profiles of interesting people and organizations.

Also do not forget to keep active on your own pages. They should favorably represent you as a professional and work for a positive image. Quality avatarka, posts in the topic, competent speech, subscriptions, for which there is no shame – necessary minimum for the profile of a professional. Also it is better not to mix too personal with work. If you are not a life style blogger, leave the photos from the stormy parties for the closed page.

In a professional environment

Business dinners, presentations, thematic events, seminars and trainings are all ideal places to create useful communications. Be sure to come to such meetings prepared. You need to imagine yourself in the best light, so that potential clients or employers will want to cooperate with you immediately. So think in advance what to tell and how. Get personal communication with those you are interested in.

At the same time, interact with everyone, because in the future any acquaintance can be useful. Exchange numbers and nicknames in social networks. Always leave the party with at least one new contact.

On friendly advice

Very often the necessary connections or work help to find relatives or friends. So do not be lazy to tell your loved ones about your plans, ask for advice or ask to meet someone, if they can.

All these methods are suitable both for finding random people, and for meeting someone in particular. If you know exactly with whom you need to talk or where you want to work – try to find any way to meet with the right people. Combine all of the above: get the support of online friends and colleagues, connect the “sundress radio”. Someone will definitely have useful contacts.

7 rules of successful networking

To really benefit from communication, take the best advice from psychologists and business coaches.

  1. Be polite and friendly

Since networking is more business communication than friendly, it is worth sticking to basic etiquette during it. When communicating with someone in person, online or by phone, keep calm and friendly. Before making a personal meeting or video call, make sure that your appearance matches the environment, neat and collected. Be sure to smile. Listen to your interlocutor and show your sincere interest, ask questions, do not interrupt. So you will always make a good impression.

  1. Show tenacity

If you are embarrassed to meet people, try to treat it like a job or a Challenge. Set the bar for how many new acquaintances you should make at each event. And gradually raise it.

  1. Get ready to talk

If improvisation is not your horse, that’s okay. Just before the meeting make a list of questions that can be discussed, prepare a couple or three of successful jokes and topics for small talk. And also read the basic facts about the people with whom you have to communicate. This will help you not to get confused and maintain a conversation even with strangers.

  1. Introduce yourself to

In order not to lose an interesting person, be sure to introduce yourself to him and at the end of the conversation exchange contacts. Or at least leave yours. To do this, you should always have your business cards with you.

  1. Remember about yourself

Use the contacts received. Especially if you promised to send something to a person. Do not forget to do it within a day, a maximum of two. Within the same period it is worth adding to your social network friends or writing an e-mail. The first message should not be long. Remind where you met, say that it is a pleasure to meet you and offer your options for cooperation. You will be able to discuss the details later. Try to maintain regular communication in social networks even after cooperation. Do not impose yourself, but do not ignore good reasons to write.

  1. Appreciate someone else’s time

Some people prefer personal meetings, some prefer voice messages and calls, and some prefer to correspond. It is worth to clarify immediately how the interlocutor wants to discuss the details of your cooperation. If you need to meet with him in person, you need to indicate the target at once, choose a convenient time and a suitable place. A cafe in the business part of the city or an office will be the best choice. When meeting him, get to the point immediately, do not waste your time. Even in half an hour you can discuss a lot, if not distracted.

  1. Reserve your patience

Do not expect that networking will bear fruit immediately. It may take months before you really need some kind of contact. So be patient and just try to enjoy the communication.

There have never been so many opportunities for networking as now. You can get to know people at any convenient opportunity or choose only one of the directions. In any case, communication with successful people will be a useful experience and will give you a powerful boost of motivation.