Why sneakers creak?

After buying new sneakers, there is sometimes a creaking problem when walking. This sound can cause both the sole and the upper part of the shoe. Sometimes the reason is completely different, for example, in the surface of the floor. But there are situations when already worn shoes start to creak.

What is the reason for squeaking sneakers?

You should check winter sneakers for creaking immediately upon purchase. During the fitting in sneakers you need to walk, squat, jump. In this case, the creak should appear immediately. What could be the reason

hit of sand or small stones in shoes;
low-quality material;
bad firmware;
seams are too tight.

If the already worn shoes start to make unpleasant sounds, then the reason may be in the sole or damage to the upper layer. If winter sneakers for men or women are very wet, and then they are dried out – this is another factor that provokes a creak. The heel or arch support may also deteriorate.

How to solve such a problem? If the shoes are new, it is advisable to go and exchange them at the store. The second way is to bring the sneakers into the repair, where they will try to solve this problem. If this is not possible, then you can eliminate the creak with the help of improvised materials. If the creak appeared in branded sneakers, you should carefully inspect the sole. The most common cause is a cracked sole. Due to the terrain, it is difficult to notice.

How to get rid of an unpleasant creak?

It is better to buy winter shoes in specialized stores where they give a warranty card. In this case, any defects can be eliminated free of charge. Men’s winter sneakers are a purchase for several years, so an unpleasant creak when walking is very annoying.

Conventional means that can be purchased at a pharmacy or in a store will help get rid of it. But choosing a means to eliminate squeak, you should consider what is its cause. The sole, material can creak, the insole, the heel and even the heels are poorly fixed. Other details that make an unpleasant sound:

cracks or other damage.

It is possible to determine which detail creaks by ear. Then you can begin to eliminate the problem. Some tricks:

Moisture. Wrap each shoe in a damp, clean cloth and place on a damp cloth. Leave overnight. Repeat if necessary. The method is suitable for shoes made of artificial material. The rag can be put inside the sneakers, but in the morning they must be thoroughly dried.
Drying oil. Heat the substance and grease the place where it creaks. Best suited for soles. Do not apply much, the material may be damaged. But natural drying oil is expensive, so it can be replaced with castor or sunflower oil. They should also be preheated to 60 ° C.
Hot air. Warm the sole well with a hair dryer for 10 minutes. Then, with a hot sole, stretch it well with your hands.
Wax. Eliminates all cracks that provoke creaking. Used in combination with goose fat. It is first necessary to melt and combine in a proportion of 3: 1. Lubricate the material. Suitable for skin only.

If none of the methods helps, it is advisable to bring the sneakers into the repair, where the master eliminates the problem.

To eliminate creak in sneakers with eco leather or a substitute will help fatty lard. They need to lubricate the shoes from the outside, inside and at the seams. The fat should dry, and the residue should be removed with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. After buying winter shoes, carefully care for the shoes. To provide for a creak, it is recommended to pour talcum powder under the insole.

It is very important to dry your sneakers properly after getting wet. Do not put them near heat sources – this overdries the material and can cause a crack in the sole. In sneakers you need to fill newspapers and leave for the night in a warm room. In order for moisture to completely come out, you need at least 20 hours, so it is better to have replacement shoes.