Windows 10 Update: The control panel will disappear, replacing it

The Windows Control Panel is almost the only one in this operating system that has stood the test of time and survived many changes and improvements. In this panel you can find almost everything related to computer settings. But Microsoft is working hard to abandon this tool.

After Windows 10 was created with its own set of custom applications configured for touch control, users began to get confused how to find system settings. Of course, Microsoft wants to make its new application popular. But experienced users, having tried the new system, still returned to the old Control Panel. Because it gives more information about the state of the computer.

But the latest Windows update showed that users will no longer need to go back to the old Control Panel. The new application “Windows Settings” is filled with the necessary information, which previously could only be found in the Control Panel.

For example, the About page now displays complete information. But many users still habitually go to the Control Panel.

Therefore, in the last update, which took place in late October 2020, Microsoft disabled the control panel system page. Only the “Windows Settings” application remains.

After that, some users still found ways to return everything to the old usual way, and shared this information on the Internet. Then it became known that Microsoft will block any workarounds, ie it will be impossible to return to the old Control Panel.

This was to be expected, sooner or later it had to happen. But the new application is still not as flexible in settings as the old Control Panel. Therefore, some users will be annoyed by the changes made by Microsoft.