Windows 11: Microsoft has released the “killer” of Windows 10

The less money it costs to buy any electronic device, the more people will want to use it at all. However, the operating system is also extremely important, because released in 2015, Windows 10, even despite the many updates released for it, is not able to provide a good experience. It is a relative proof that one OS can completely override all the advantages of any electronic gadget. Needless to say, this is not surprising and simply can not be, especially since the market has such great platforms as macOS and Linux, even if they are not suitable for all users due to a number of limitations and difficulties.

Needless to say, there is nothing good in this and it simply can not be, because hardly anyone wants to spend time, effort and money to fix any problems that exist in the tenth “Windows”. That is why, fortunately for all such people, the situation will soon change for the better, and it will happen for the simple reason that Microsoft will release a new OS, which will be called Windows 11. This platform has a lot of advantages and important features. but so far it can be downloaded and installed only by employees of the American corporation, while for other users it is in no way completely unavailable, unfortunately.

The final stable version of the new Windows is expected to be released in the first half of 2021, when it will be released in a version for personal computers, laptops, candy bars, tablets, as well as many other models of electronic devices from different price ranges. ranging from extremely cheap to extremely expensive,. To the delight of all users, the new platform will bring with it a strengthening of the protection system, a significant increase in performance, enhanced functionality, support for quick backups and instant recovery from such, and at the same time, in addition, many different features will affect this OS.

Windows 11 users can also count on a new user interface, redesigned standard programs, the function of seamless updates in the background, as well as many other features that the latest operating system is guaranteed to please everyone in one way or another, so that there is simply no other way. According to currently available data, this OS will be the first in the history of Microsoft, which will be distributed absolutely free, that is, you will not need to pay for it, and this, of course, will make everyone very happy. It remains only to wait for its release, and this should happen in the near future. The new operating system will be a full-fledged replacement for the currently available Windows 10.