Windows 11 runs twice as fast as Windows 10

The most popular and well-known operating system on the market at present is Windows 10, which was released back in the summer of 2015, that is, a very, very long time ago. Since then, many people have finally fully realized how terrible in all respects this platform is, which contains a whole host of unpleasant features, because of which millions of people are forced to spend their time, effort and financial resources to fix those or other malfunctions that arose only because Microsoft, which was extremely greedy for money, could not create a truly high-quality and advanced operating system in all respects. However, soon the situation will change, since a new OS will be released.

This newest operating system will be Windows 11, before the release of which there is not much time left, as well as before the official presentation. It is expected that this platform for personal computers, laptops, modems and other electronic devices will be announced in the next few months, while the release of its final stable version will take place at the end of the year, when everyone can download and install it on their electronic devices by doing so. without unnecessary difficulties.
According to the data now available, the new OS will in all respects be better than now available Windows 10, and it will even be able to launch absolutely all programs and games from the categories of UWP, PWA and Win32 now existing for the tenth Windows.

Thus, users of the new operating system will definitely not have problems using third-party software, which, in turn, will greatly please many people who want to download and install a new OS on their electronic device. According to the data now available, the brand-new Windows 11 runs twice as fast as Windows 10, so it will be able to solve any problems with increased speed with its help. In addition, in addition to an extremely strong increase in speed, users can expect to increase overall performance, strengthen the protection system, and also, in addition, many other pleasant features.

The new operating system will bring with it a new interface, enhanced functionality, redesigned standard programs and games, as well as much more, which will positively affect the user experience of using any electronic devices. If you pay about $ 200 (14,500 rubles) for a license for Windows 10, then the licensed version of Windows 11 will be completely free, at least some sources report this. To take such a step, that is, to make their new OS completely free, the American corporation decided to make its new platform more competitive compared to macOS and Linux, which have been distributed for many years without any payment from users.