Windows 11 update broke the Start menu

Microsoft has canceled a series of June updates that could break the Start menu. This was reported by BleepingComputer.

As journalists learned, Microsoft admitted the presence of errors in the June updates. Yes, the update KB5014668 and later versions could break the Start menu. “After the release of the updates, we received a message that on a small number of devices it is not possible to open this element of the system,” the corporation’s engineers noted.

The company noted that the update with the error was released after June 23, 2022. The corporation’s specialists removed the problematic updates using known issue rollback (KIR) technology, which allows you to cancel the deployment of updates with errors that are not related to OS security.

Typically, KIR-launched patches reach users’ computers within a day. You can speed up the update by restarting your device. On corporate PCs, it is more difficult to fix the problem – it requires the involvement of system administrators.