Windows 95 is 25 years old

Today, the Windows 95 operating system is 25 years old. The system was released on August 24, 1995. Windows 95 is in many ways a very important operating system not only for Microsoft but for the market as a whole. First, Windows 95 was the first to get the design and interface that Windows (and not only it) uses today. And it was 25 years ago that the same Start button first appeared in Windows 95.

But these, of course, were not all innovations. Improved multitasking, simplified search, changed graphical interface, support for 32-bit applications and much more appeared in Windows 95, if we are talking about regular users (the Windows NT line can be ignored).

The system remained relevant until 1999, when Windows 98 was introduced, but many, as usual, have long preferred Windows 95.