Wise advice from life experience

As we get older, we become wiser, gaining valuable life experience. Most often, wholesale comes with our problems, solving which we become wiser and already make much fewer mistakes. Our personality grows with our age, it becomes easier to understand how life works and our place in it. Overcoming difficulties, we move to a new level of spiritual development. We do not need to look for answers to questions from other people, we already know them perfectly. Your own experience is good, but it is much more effective to learn from other people’s mistakes. Now you will learn about the basic rules of people who have drawn conclusions from the experience.

  1. No need to cry, always walk with a smile on your face.
  2. It is not wise to worry about interviews.
  3. Don’t be friends with losers.
  4. There is always a more professional employee who can replace you.
  5. Problems in youth are not so serious
  6. Stop thinking about what other people think of you.
  7. If you don’t like something in bed with your wife, tell her about it.
  8. Work should be enjoyable.
  9. Do not put up with the fact that your rights are violated.
  10. Enjoy every moment of life.
  11. Be optimistic, it will make life easier.
  12. Don’t hold emotions.
  13. Be open about your desires.
  14. Control yourself if someone spoils your mood.
  15. Set goals and achieve them.
  16. It’s okay to ignore bad people.
  17. If you are not loved, then you should not impose your love.
  18. Parting with a loved one is painful, but you can endure.
  19. Better to be alone than with just anyone.
  20. It’s better not to get into a fight, call the police.
  21. Think first, then open your mouth.
  22. Trust those who keep their word.
  23. Do not dwell on the problem, you will go crazy.
  24. Do not envy anyone.
  25. Start a family when you want it yourself, do not listen to the opinions of others.
  26. Appreciate people who are kind to you.
  27. Good relationships are more important than good work.
  28. Saying the word NO to people can be very useful.
  29. You don’t have to be liked by everyone, be yourself.
  30. Enjoy everything you do.
  31. Be confident in yourself.
  32. Admit that you are wrong.
  33. Go to your goal every day, without interruption.
  34. Proper nutrition is the key to health
  35. Appreciate your time. Spend it only on what is interesting or useful.
  36. Youth is leaving or is gone, put up with it.
  37. Loneliness is a normal part of life, everyone goes through it.
  38. Do not worry about events that you could not influence.
  39. Find your weak points and make them strong.
  40. Love yourself as you are, but you need to improve.
  41. Travel more.
  42. Love passes.
  43. Learn to save, one day a large amount may come in handy.
  44. Friends don’t need much, a couple of people who can help you enough.
  45. Drink more water, it will not get worse, there are 0 calories in water.
  46. It is normal to make mistakes, draw conclusions.
  47. ​​You must have personal space.
  48. Take awkward situations with optimism.
  49. Marry if you are sure of your choice.
  50. Always keep your word. Being a man of your word is very important.
  51. Watch your weight, sports and proper nutrition are an indispensable part of your life.
  52. Better to stay at home than to go to a club.
  53. It is not worth worrying about any reason.
  54. Dress as you like, not as fashionable.
  55. If something uses you for their own purposes, then stop contacting such a person.