Work taught to collect coconuts in India (VIDEO)

Jobs can replace coconut pickers in India, as modern youth refuse to do so and prefer to pursue higher education and work in the office.

Researchers from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapitama University have started to solve the problem of staff shortages. Scientists have developed a robot that can climb palm trees and collect coconuts. The robot, named Amaran, has been in development for three years. This was reported by IeeExplore.

It is noted that the robot still can not work autonomously and human intervention is still necessary. The design of the device must be assembled around the base of the palm tree, this process takes 15 minutes. After connecting all the parts, Amaran can do the job – thanks to the rubber wheels to climb the trunk and collect nuts.

The robot is controlled via a wireless network by an operator, you can use a joystick or an application on a smartphone. Amaran fixes bunches of coconuts thanks to a long claw, and with a special circular saw cuts a branch and nuts fall to the ground. During tests on a coconut farm, the robot successfully climbed trees up to 15 m tall with a trunk tilt of up to 30 degrees.

It will be recalled that Chinese scientists from Xiang Jiang Tong University have developed a robot that can detect high temperatures in several people at once. Such robots can be installed in crowded places.