Worth their money: 10 of the most expensive hotels in the world

If you believe that the seven-star Burj Al Arab tented hotel is still the most expensive, it is not. It is only in ninth place. Let’s tell you who’s above it.

The list of hotels with the maximum price for accommodation changes every year, new hotels appear, but the old ones keep their mark as well. If a couple of years ago, the hospitality complexes of Turkey could boast a place in the list of the most expensive hotels, now it is no longer. The glorious Mauritius was in 7th place as recently as last year, and this year it’s already been pushed back. Let’s see the chic options.

  1. Plaza Athenèe, France

Not just a luxury hotel, but a global cultural phenomenon with a century-old history and an incredible constellation of famous artists, musicians, artists, fashion designers. Having opened in 1913, Plaza Athenèe was already destined for success. The project by the respected architect Charles Lefebvre, the location in the vicinity of the Champs-Elysées, the best view in Paris from the windows, the service of the highest level – this was the calculation at the beginning. And then the place became covered with such history and such names that it is simply incorrect to call it anything but a palace.

Christian Dior opened his first boutique in 1946 here on Avenue Montaigne, counting on the guests of Plaza Athenèe. He was a regular customer and held many photoshoots of his new collections in the hotel, as well as their glamorous runway shows. Thus Avenue Montaigne became known worldwide as “Fashion Avenue”. And in the ’60s, this place was especially popular with movie stars of all kinds, because it was the golden age of cinema.

A roomy dressing room, Guerlain toiletries, elite linen with Beltrami embroidery, fresh flowers in the room every day, diffuser of capsules with natural essential oils in the bathroom, free newspaper of choice – this is not a complete list of what a guest can enjoy in a luxury room in this pearl of Paris.

Since its grand opening on December 30, 1936, Le Relais Plaza restaurant in this hotel has become the most popular place in Paris. You can just imagine the parties, the room filled with fashion designers and musicians of the era who couldn’t resist a turn to the piano. Today, it remains the main address on Avenue Montaigne.

Le Relais Plaza is one of the city’s last remaining Art Deco restaurants, and that 1930s spirit lives on today. Note the original murals by Diane Chasseurs and the stained glass windows with engraved zodiac signs.

  1. Burj Al Arab in Dubai, UAE

The most famous hotel in the Emirates, which seems to know everything. Children learn about it at geography classes. For adults, however, it is the first image that pops up in their minds at the mention of Dubai. Of course, the lion’s share of the project’s success is the shape of the hotel and its location. Nestled inside the bay on a bulk island not far from the shore, and shaped like a traditional sailboat, the building has become a symbol of the poor fishermen who once lived there. This image of a boat in the bay is so ingrained in the soul of tourists from all over the world, that now the hotel is never free.

Even the status of the world’s first seven-star hotel is not as enticing to tourists as the fact that they will be living in a sailboat. It has been 23 years since it opened, all the millionaires have been here, and more than once. Maybe that’s why the price to stay here has dropped a bit compared to previous years.

So what can we expect for 1.5 million rubles a night? The main thing is that the room itself is not small – a two-storey penthouse of 780 square meters. Of course, full-size windows with the best sea panoramas of the Persian Gulf.

Interesting unusual bonuses (not all)

Your own butler, 24 hours a day. Separate staff quarters, including kitchen.

Check-in and check-out processing not at the front desk, but right in your room.

Bars with drinks to your liking, filled prior to arrival.

Own convenient library.

Bathrooms with full-size whirlpool tubs and rain showers.

Hermès beauty products.

Wi-Fi, 21-inch iMac, multiple smart widescreen TVs.

Smart home system. Voice control of all systems.

Over 200 free newspapers in different languages.

  1. Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, USA

Palms Casino Resort made history as the first resort in Las Vegas, fully owned and operated by an Indian tribe. The luxury hotel occupies two separate towers with 766 hotel rooms and suites, a diverse mix of bars, restaurants, entertainment venues and a gambling lifestyle in one of the most luxurious 9,000-square-foot casinos.

Vegas is a place where people come specifically to spend money. Of course, the hotel is visited not because of the view from the room, but to give in to the passion for gambling. Such an abundance of luxurious slot machines cannot be found anywhere else. Only in the main hall there are a little more than a thousand and a half. But there are also the lower floors with high stakes slot machines. Wealthy people usually prefer the more traditional roulette, baccarat, blackjack and poker. The Palm is considered the best blackjack casino in Vegas.

The unique Empathy Suit is essentially an indoor world, an exhibition by famed British artist Damien Hirst. One of the most highly paid masters of art installations, Hirst has filled this two-story penthouse with his works of various years, most famously: sharks in an aquarium with formaldehyde, a pharmacy, a diamond skull and others.

Along with them, there are some completely unknown, unique, made especially for this sky villa. That is, in this case, you pay not for unique services such as individual round-the-clock butler (although he also relies on you), but for the opportunity to live inside a work of art, consisting of other works of art.

  1. Grand Hyatt Martinez in Cannes, France

The most chic hotel on the French Riviera, opened almost a hundred years ago, and today does not lose its brilliance and inspires, infects thirst for life and remains the most valuable pearl of the coast. Interior designer Pierre-Yves Rochon worked on the renovation of the hotel’s appearance, remaining faithful to the basic principle – hedonism, love not only to life, but also to the sea, the coast, the Croisette.

Pierre-Yves Rochon created the penthouse inspired by the theme of cinema. Not without reason, in this not insignificant space, the division into a female and a male part, called Actor and Actress, was conceived. The rooms are filled with works of art by famous Europeans.

There’s a gorgeous outdoor veranda with a Jacuzzi and an incredible view of Naples Bay and the Croisette. And, of course (we almost forgot him), an individual butler.

  1. Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens, Greece

Greece is traditionally considered a country of barefoot tourism, where, following the characters of the musical Mamma Mia, people prefer to settle in the cheapest hotels. But, thank Hermes, not everyone. In this country you can find apartments for wealthy tourists.

The Royal Villa allows you to enjoy the real Greece, away from the crowds. This villa is not chasing after luxury penthouses, it is a luxury cottage, a place where you can smell the sea and taste the tranquility. It’s nice to sit with a book by the fireplace or just roast meat on the terrace.

Of course, the villa is complete with everything you need for a relaxing vacation on the coast: pools, one of which is heated, spa, huge bathrooms finished in rare marble, as well as a private path to the sea and decent grounds. Provisions are made for the entire family and maid’s quarters.

  1. Laucala Island Resort Hilltop Estate, Fiji

A small private tropical island – what can be more boring for active tourists. But for the wealthy millionaires, tired of the frenetic pace of life – it’s a paradise. The hotel offers non-trivial activities ranging from kayaking and snorkeling to golf, fishing on luxury yachts, and horseback riding.

The most expensive luxury villa comes from the fact that for this money you get “three in one”. These are three full villas, each with a swimming pool, several rooms, and an amazing jungle around it.

There are several first-class restaurants on the island, which try to cook mainly with local products. And all the inhabitants of the island are numerous hotel staff.

  1. Raj Palace, Jaipur, India

It was built in 1727 and is positioned as a historical hotel. But what’s historical! It’s just a real palace, where the royal family actually lived and received guests. Now Princess Jayendra Kumariji, the current owner of the Raj Palace, has renovated it and turned it into a 40-room boutique hotel.

The Presidential Suite is home to an impressive museum, showcasing household items and the heritage of India. The rest of the rooms also feature antiques and artifacts from the royal family’s collection (and even a throne).

As entertainment, the palace periodically hosts various performances: theater, dance, etc.

Of the unusual: they allow you to sit on the throne and ride an elephant. Well, and, of course, a personal butler will also be given out.

  1. Four Seasons Hotel, New York

The penthouse is the result of a collaboration between Yuimin Bay, Peter Marino, and hotel owner Ty Warner. It is named for the latter.

The best location in Manhattan and the great views are worth the price. The apartment on the 52nd floor has four glass balconies from which you’ll love to view New York’s Central Park.

For the third most expensive hotel in the world, the list of unique features must be very impressive. That’s exactly what it is.

What’s the surprise?

Nancy Lorenz, an abstractionist from New York, hand-laid the walls with mother-of-pearl mosaics.

Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne came up with an image of floor-to-ceiling leafy bookcases for the private library located here

An exclusive bed under the seven-meter vaulted ceiling. The baldachin for it is made of the finest Thai silk that has been hand-embroidered with gold threads.

The finish of the bathroom is also surprising. Used Chinese onyx – a unique rare material.

In the penthouse you will also find a cascading waterfall flowing down the wall of South American green granite.

The hotel provides a round-the-clock Rolls-Royce with chauffeur.

Personal butler.

  1. President Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland

The top hotel price list is, of course, headed by Switzerland. In this penthouse stayed almost all the leaders of existing countries and another four dozen millionaires. For such dignitaries unique hotel features (such as, for example, armored windows) are a necessary standard of security.

  1. The most expensive hotel in the world: Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine, St. Lucia (Caribbean)

This is the most secret place of rest of all those listed in our list. The level of secrecy is off the charts, cooler than Geneva’s President Wilson. There is practically no reliable information. The only thing that is known for sure, “to lay low” in such a way will be very luxurious. The team includes not only a butler, but also a chef of the highest category. And, of course, the entire team signs non-disclosure documents about the guests.