Xiaomi has developed a sliding smartphone with a double-sided display

Chinese company Xiaomi has patented the design of a sliding smartphone with a twosided screen.

As follows from the patent documentation, Xiaomi smartphone has two screens. On one side there is a standard display, and flipping the device you can use a flexible collapsible screen.

The display can be increased by 200% in width, which effectively turns the device into a tablet. In this case, the interface and displayed content will automatically adjust to the size of the display.

Xiaomi has already announced a smartphone with two displaysMi Mix Alpha, which has not yet entered the open sale. One of the reasons is the high cost of production and, as a consequence, the high price for the consumer.

Thus, during the presentation, it was reported that the Mi Mix Alpha will have a recommended retail price of about 2,550 euros. Consequently, the more sophisticated sliding system will cost even more. Nevertheless, it is worth hoping that electronics manufacturers will soon be able to produce sliding smartphones at affordable prices.