Xiaomi has introduced a paper notebook with a fingerprint sensor

Users do not always store confidential information on electronic devices, sometimes preferring traditional paper media. The novelty, presented by one of Xiaomi’s partners, combines a classic diary with a useful feature of modern smartphones to protect notes from prying eyes.

Features of the notebook from Xiaomi

The standard-looking notebook has a built-in lock that prevents the cover from opening. You can unlock it with the fingerprint scanner located on the root. According to the manufacturer, the process takes no more than 0.5 seconds and is accompanied by vibration, which confirms the operation of the sensor.

To maintain the “viability” of the security system in the “case” of the notebook is a built-in battery with a capacity of 160 mAh, which is charged via the USB Type-C port. The declared autonomy of the model is up to two months. The cover of the novelty, presented in gray and green, is equipped with pockets for storing business cards and credit cards. When the blank pages run out, you can insert a replacement block into the cover.

The cost of the original novelty in China is 43 dollars.