Xiaomi has introduced a smart and fast pressure cooker

Xiaomi, which already has a range of home appliances in its range, has introduced the smart electric pressure cooker Mijia. It allows you to cook quickly and also has 8 different degrees of protection. You can start cooking through the Mijia app at the touch of a button. The smart pressure cooker is equipped with a bowl with a volume of 2.5 liters, which is enough to cook eight servings of rice.

The smart Mijia electric pressure cooker has a peak pressure of 70 kPa and can raise the boiling point of water to 115 degrees Celsius. Under the action of high temperature and high pressure, food becomes softer and the cooking speed increases significantly.

A regular rice cooker cooks rice in 40 minutes, and a pressure cooker can cook the same amount of rice in 21 minutes. In addition, a regular rice cooker takes 4 hours to cook a piece of meat, and a Xiaomi device can do this in 50 minutes. Through the application you can get recipes describing the ingredients and stages. The electric pressure cooker also received a cooking mode without a cover which is easily removed. Price You need to pay about $ 40 for a pressure cooker.