Xiaomi has released an analogue of Apple AirPods Pro that is not inferior in parameters, which costs 2.5 times less

Xiaomi continues to use not very clean ways of doing business – producing competitors’ products at a lower price. Although this is not the first time for a Chinese corporation, they don’t copy headphones as often. Now the flight of fancy of Asian designers has reached the Apple AirPods Pro.

Almost completely copied the form of the Cupertin analog, making only some decorative differences in the area of control sensors, Xiaomi began to take orders for wireless headphones Mi Air 2 Pro.

Like the AirPods, Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro TWS headphones feature a hybrid type digital noise canceller. In addition, an active system – ANC – has been integrated into the analogue. In total, the intensity of noise reduction by the developer is called within 35 dB. The weight is 6.5 grams. The set includes four silicone tips of different sizes.

The sound comes directly from a 12mm driver enclosed in an LCP composite aperture. By the way, the quality is guaranteed by the renowned Grammy award winner – sound engineer Luca Bignardi. According to Xiaomi, he was invited to the final sound tuning in Mi Air 2 Pro.

Today you can buy Mi Air 2 Pro headphones at JD.com online store for 104 dollars, but only in a preliminary form. When exactly Xiaomi will start supplying the headphones, it remains unknown.