Xiaomi introduced the $125 Smart Lock E door lock

Chinese company Xiaomi has announced a new device for modern “smart” home – door lock Smart Lock E, which supports a variety of ways to identify residents or guests.

In particular, a permanent or temporary password can be used to access the room. In addition, the device can recognize visitors by fingerprints. It can also be identified via Bluetooth wireless communication from a mobile gadget.

The smart lock is powered by eight batteries, which will last for a year and a half of operation. If the power level drops below 20%, the device starts to signal.

If the batteries are completely discharged, the lock can be opened with a normal physical key. It is also possible to supply emergency power via the symmetrical USB Type-C connector.

Xiaomi is currently raising funds for the new product. So far the price of Smart Lock E is about 125 USD, but in the future it will rise to 140 USD.