Xiaomi launches Ningmei desktop computer

Xiaomi, on the Xiaomi Youpin platform, is launching the Ningmei Soul GI6 desktop computer. The novelty is based on AMD Ryzen R5 2600 processors. The computer gets two fans to achieve good heat dissipation. Also, Ningmei is equipped with high-quality ASUS Master Series A320 motherboards.

Gets Ningmei Soul GI6 three versions – Share, Fun edition and Enjoy edition. The Share PC version runs on an AMD Ryzen R5 2600 processor and an RX550 4G graphics card. The RAM here is 8 GB, and the drive receives 180 GB of memory. As for the price, it is set at $ 260.

The Fun edition, again, gets the Ryzen R5 2600 processor, and the video card here is the RX590 8G. The memory will be 8 GB of RAM and more than 256 GB of internal memory. The price for this version will be about $ 375.

Enjoy will cost about $ 430. The processor here is Ryzen R5 2600, the video card is RX590 8G. The RAM is 16 GB and the built-in memory is 512 GB.