Xiaomi Mi 11 will come without a charger

The photo of the Xiaomi Mi 11 box forces us to make assumptions about the exclusion of the charger from the delivery set. Like many, we can’t wait to see how the flagship Xiaomi Mi 11 came out. The days before the presentation, rumors and leaks are pouring out of the cars, but not all of them are optimistic.

According to the established tradition, a few days before the announcement, a photo of the Xiaomi Mi 11 package was posted online. And we would have passed by this news, looking at the box is not a very interesting activity, if not for one thing. The packaging turned out to be too thin this time. Well-known network informant Digital Chat Station, who posted a photo on the network, directly hints that the Xiaomi Mi 11 may not be equipped with a power adapter.

The box from the Chinese flagship is shown next to the packaging of the iPhone 12, as an indication that they are slightly different in size. The association and the conclusion are self-evident – such a miniature packaging was achieved by eliminating the charger adapter from the Xiaomi Mi 11. We will not once again talk about the fact that Apple could set a trend that others can now follow.

The “greatness” of the Cupertino concern and the huge army of adherents allow it to go on similar experiments. But Xiaomi can not and should not afford such antics. First, not to avoid accusations of copying Apple, and secondly – a similar step like betraying the “ideals of Xiaomi.” Or for the sake of lowering the price tag, all means are good? Well, the upcoming December 28 presentation promises to be interesting.

It will be interesting to know whether the company has included a Xiaomi Mi 11 charger in the package or not. If not, what excuses will she find for such an act? Concern for the environment? Or are our accessories so cheap that a couple of bucks for them will not be burdensome to pay?