Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is a smart speaker with Google Assistant voice assistant

Today, a smart speaker called Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is launched, and it is equipped with a voice assistant Google Assistant, so it can give commands in English, Russian and many other languages, and over time, the functionality of this AI expands, ie it is able to perform everything more and more different actions. The novelty is made of high-quality plastic (odorless), and its body has an oval shape, so this device will look very harmonious in any interior.

With the built-in Google Assistant voice assistant, you can control smart appliances in the house, set an alarm, turn on music, send messages, sound messages from your phone, find out the weather forecast, route, call a taxi, and do other things. This electronic device called Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is able to connect to other devices and control them if they support this feature. Two speakers correspond to the reproduction of high-quality sound.

Each of these two speakers provides 12 watts of power, and 63.5 mm drivers with DTS Sound technology are responsible for such loud sound. This electronic device is based on the Texas Instruments TAS5805M processor, which is supplemented with additional components for proper operation. The novelty boasts Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5.0 LE communication modules, so it can connect not only at home or work access point, but also, in addition, connect to various gadgets, up to smartphones, when they are near. Due to this, you can, for example, set reminders or find some information on the Internet, without making any clicks anywhere.

Another feature of Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is that this smart speaker is equipped with LED backlight, which can change its color. There is support for the Chromecast data transfer protocol and Dual Pair mode to combine two speakers of this type into a single network so that they work as a single unit. Official sales of this smart speaker will begin on the international market in the next few days, ie by early October.

The official suggested retail price of this device is $ 47. This is very, very little, however, according to the manufacturer, after a while it will increase the cost of this device, making it significantly more expensive.