Xiaomi unveils affordable Mijia electric screwdriver for precision work

The Mijia family of home appliances has grown with an innovative screwdriver for a wide range of jobs. The name of the new item is Precision Screwdriver Kit. The device is already available for viewing on the crowdfunding platform of the Xiaomi concern.

Brief description of new items:

power of the built-in e-motor (rpm) – 200;
torque (Nm) – 0.05-0.2 Nm;
number of adjustment buttons – 2;
type of control of the adjusting buttons – soft-touch;
battery capacity (mA * h) – 350;
number of attachments – 24 (including for assembling / disassembling smartphones);
the maximum number of twisting / unwinding operations from one charge is 400.

The Precision Screwdriver Kit is filled with the energy required for operation via USB Type-C. The duration of the indicated procedure is at least 160 minutes.

Xiaomi representatives guarantee the flawless operation of their new brainchild throughout its entire service life. The number of battery safety tests passed by the Mijia screwdriver allows the company’s speakers to make such optimistic statements. There were as many as 13 of them, the developers assure.

The Precision Screwdriver Kit has three built-in protections.

For all these benefits, Xiaomi asks for $ 24. For this price, the device can be purchased at the Youpin site.

Recall that the “line” of devices for the home Mijia includes a variety of devices. The presentation of one of them – an innovative microwave oven – took place the day before.