You can shoot movies with the new Google Camera app

On September 30, Google officially unveiled new models of its smartphones, namely Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a. The introduced smartphones will be the first to receive the planned Android 11. The company also said that these devices are guaranteed to get Android 14. Apparently, Google has a different view on the support of its smartphones, unlike Apple, which updated the old iPhone SE to iOS 14. The main “feature” of smartphones Google is, of course, their Camera app. With the help of special algorithms the application will become even more functional. Obviously, Google wants to surpass the quality of photos taken on the iPhone, and yesterday we saw the impressive results of Google Camera. Google claims HDR + mode with exposure bracketing, which will provide “clearer and sharper photos”. However, this is an old feature that was used in the first Pixel, so do not expect big changes.

Now you can take photos with the effect of bokeh in low light, for it to work, you need to switch to Night Sight mode. There is also a familiar portrait mode. Google has paid the most attention to the camcorder, not surprisingly, because the main competitor of Pixel is the iPhone, which is better than all smartphones can shoot video. The camera has three new stabilization modes: Locked, Active and Cinematic Pan. In this mode, the camera shoots at 60 frames per second and then slows down the video 2 times to create smoother and more effective video.