Young millionaire Sam Altman’s tips to help you on your way to success

Sam Altman is the head of the largest U.S. startup incubator, Y Combinator. During his active career, he has managed to achieve a lot of success and earned a solid sum of money.

Sam Altman is the head of America’s largest startup incubator, Y Combinator. This year successful entrepreneur Sam Altman turns 32 in April. During his active career, he managed to achieve a lot of success and earned a solid sum of money.

One day his comrade asked him to give useful advice that would help him on his way to wealth and fame, which Altman did. So, here are the tips that young millionaire Sam Altman gives, which can help a person on the way to wealth and fame.

  1. Family and close friends should come first. Don’t put them on the back burner, under any pretext whatsoever. Appreciate friendships, especially those that come from childhood. Keep in touch with your loved ones even till morning, if it’s necessary or interesting.

  1. Focus on one thing, not spreading yourself out to pursue different ideas at the same time. Believe in yourself, even if everyone around you doubts you. Connect with people of interest, make useful acquaintances, and don’t stop evolving, even when it seems that you’re on top of success.

  1. Aspire to become the best and the most successful in your business. If necessary, improve your skills. Work must bring you joy, and then the desired result will be achieved more quickly. Certainly, the responsibility and even risk becomes more, but who said, that it is possible to ascend to the top of success in one fell swoop?

  1. I am not sure that money can buy happiness. But with it you can buy freedom and fulfill many desires. But the lack of money has a negative impact not only on physical health, but also on psychological health. That is why it is important to be able to earn enough money to be in harmony with yourself and the world around you.

  1. Even if your activity doesn’t involve active communication with people, don’t close yourself off within four walls. More often communicate with others, relatives, read magazines and books. Don’t waste time on social networking sites.

  1. Set yourself a main goal and move towards it. Of course, the path to the implementation of the goal can be long and thorny. But the progress should be, do not stray from the path.

  1. If fate gives unexpected chances and opportunities, do not miss them. Even when the gifts of fate seem extraordinary. Remember that water does not flow under a lying stone.

  1. Try to communicate more with successful and intelligent people. Not only will they be a motivator in themselves for you, but they can also share their experience and knowledge with you.

  1. Be less distracted by useless pastime: banal soap operas, snacks, aimless surfing on the Internet.

  1. Take care of your nerves. Many activities are not worth the excitement. Remain calm when you take risks. If it becomes a habit, you will become more resolute and courageous on the way to the goal.

11 Don’t be shy to ask for help. Many successful people on the road to fame also needed support, and received it after the request.

  1. feel the urge to do something? Do it! Otherwise, you’ll regret it later when it’s too late.

  1. And without further explanation, it’s clear that good nutrition and physical activity is the key to good health and strength to achieve what you want.

  1. 14. Youth is the main treasure. Live it not in vain, because it will disappear without a trace, and no money and technology will not give it back.

  1. Respect and appreciate your parents. Don’t hesitate to tell them that you love them, visit them more often, help them.

  1. Find yourself entertaining hobbies, create something interesting. New hobbies not only develop, but also give the opportunity to spend time with benefit.

  1. It is easy to destroy, but it is rather difficult to create anew.

  1. Learn to forgive and do not hold a grudge. From a small seed, it turns into a thorny weed that leaves no room for positive emotions and kindness.

  1. Status is an imaginary concept. Don’t chase it, because one day it may be gone. And then what will you be left with? Emptiness and disappointment.

  1. Many things are harmless in moderation, but in excess they can do harm.

  1. Fear is present in everyone’s life. I have noticed an interesting tendency–fear often embraces erudite and ambitious individuals. Maybe that’s why they work so hard, for they are afraid of losing their achievements.

  1. Don’t get carried away complaining about life. Of course, well-mannered people will listen and nod sympathetically, but in their hearts they will feel irritation and resentment.

23 Get rid of feelings of envy. If someone is more successful than you, transform envy into motivation to reach the same, and even greater heights. Once on top of success, you will also be envied, but such emotions of others should be ignored.

  1. Spend your time in a meaningful way and plan your day. A clear plan and schedule allows you not only to optimize your productivity, but also to see how much time was actually spent on work.

  1. Stop and think for a few seconds before you do something. You may have emotion blazing inside you rather than common sense.

  1. The days are long, and the decade flies by. Time is a precious resource that must be valued and used properly.